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    PSI issue

    yep. Dropped the cover when cleaning mine & shattered the cover/bent the needle shaft on the gauge last week. Only $7.35 to replace.
  2. Taz

    AutoPilot SWG Reminder - Clean the Screen!

    Thought I'd offer a bit of advice before going into high gear when something goes wrong. Except for having to pump lots of water from two tropical depressions this year, the pool's been great & TroubleFree (to coin a phrase). A couple of days ago I noticed a check flow warning very similar to...
  3. Taz

    The Monster that Lurks Over my Pool

    They vary by size (of course). You'll need a concrete footer around the perimeter. I think our 36' by 36' was roughly $9,500. Price will depend on the roof design, number of doors, etc.
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    rules for inground placement

    My property value has been steadily declining since I bought so the pool had substantial impact on what I had been paying. My homeowners insurance was a wash as well. I did add an umbrella policy with the pool (& a teenage driver). It was fairly inexpensive - the umbrella policy that is...
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    More to dislike about public pools

    I feel very sad for the family. The situation at the pool gets worse. Somehow two inspectors missed the body. ( ... -for-days/)
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    Polaris 360 Question

    As you found, the 360 does not require a booster pump. My pool has 3 wall returns plumbed from 2 in lines to 1.5 in directional fittings + a return with a 1/5 inch female fitting for the cleaner. A 1 HP pump provides enough more than enough flow for it and the other returns. You can always...
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    8 foot Gator in Pool

    Thankful we decided to put in an enclosure, although I did find a black snake swimming in the pool last fall. Since moving in 5 years ago I've killed 3 pygmy rattlesnakes (1 bit our dog), 2 juvenile (30" long) moccasins, and 1 scarlet snake (mistaken for coral snake). So much for living in a...
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    Pet Pictures

    Re: Post Pictures of your animals This is the real Taz - a whippet in case you weren't sure. BTW, he hates the pool & us splashing around in it. [attachment=1:2zxj82yo]IMG003 (640x427).jpg[/attachment:2zxj82yo] [attachment=0:2zxj82yo]IMG_0814 (640x480).jpg[/attachment:2zxj82yo]
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    Polaris 360 new user, new pool owner, new convert to SWG

    Hopefully a expert comes by but there are two possibilities. 1. The small pump receiving water below the SWG that goes out to the dedicated cleaner return (or a water feature ???). It seems that if that isn't running, you will not get much flow to that return. Also, the single valve heading...
  10. Taz

    Polaris 360 new user, new pool owner, new convert to SWG

    There should be valve(s) after the filter heading to the return lines. I have 2 valves after the filter & SWG. The first goes to the return intended for the cleaner (also a Polaris 360); the other goes to the other 3 returns. I normally open the cleaner return valve all the way and close the...
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    What is everyone's occupation/profession?

    My bride wanted to go back to work (engineer) so we swapped. She now works for the Navy - go figure. Fly safe. -- Taz
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    Help with plaster patch, acid wash order

    19 years? Water getting behind the plaster? Might be time to replaster entire pool? Bump (for the experts to chime in).
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    What is everyone's occupation/profession?

    Retired naval flight officer now serving as the stay-at-home dad. I really ought to find a part-time job as the kids have gotten older but ......
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    1 toe in for awhile, now I'm in all the way.

    DDP powder: just scoop using the tiny spoon so you get a well-rounded heap. You must have a killer mold problem! Good luck.
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    Pool Finish

    Re: POOL FINISH Never ask a TFP guy/gal for a photo of their pool! Hope these help you get an idea. Our pool is also a 15 x 30 but a touch deeper (3.5 to 5.5 ft). [attachment=2:37z0vp73]pool_overcast (640x480).jpg[/attachment:37z0vp73] [attachment=1:37z0vp73]pool_sun...