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    ledge lounger?

    Probably would float a lot for you then. I've got 7.5" of water and the knee area is 8.5" tall causing it to almost float.
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    ledge lounger?

    I got these: SwimWays Terra Sol Sonoma Chaise Lounge - White: Toys & Games SwimWays Chaise Lounge - Do you have one? I had to drill holes so they would fill with water and sink. They still have some buoyancy but will stay in place. So it will depend a lot on your water depth but...
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    Pool Store Water Tests and Calcium Hardness

    I've had the same trouble trying to find a pool store that I agree with on water testing. I was also told to have a monthly test at a pool store for warranty. My goal was to have a perfect official test each month but that has been a bigger challenge than I expected, in fact its become the...
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    Speed Stir Help

    More bars and a retriever are a great addition as well as the sample sizer. And might as well get a few extra Taylor sample tubs while your at it. My goal was to run all the tests at the table and then clean everything in the sink at one time at the end. Bars & Retriever...
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    Sr smith turbo twister

    Installed this slide last year and it was a hit. I was impressed by the quality and stability of the slide, adults seem to like it as much as the kids. Even granny tried it out. We did inquire to our insurance company and upped the policy as well. While my son is rather well behaved and...
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    3 cups of DE to sand filter and almost no pressure rise

    It's a new pool, pump, sand, etc. I believe the gauge is good, it certainly fluctuates when water features are turned on or off. Also I've previously seen it rise a few psi and drop again after backwashing.
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    3 cups of DE to sand filter and almost no pressure rise

    Same story as another old thread: Adding DE to Sand Filter - 3 cups and no pressure rise? I've got a 26" sand filter (Pentair 145333 SD-80) and a 1hp single speed pump. Started at 14.5 psi after a backwash. Added a 1/4 cup of DE, another 1/4, then 1/2 cups until I got to 3 cups. Pressure...