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    New Pool and Code Brown

    Thanks all for the replies. That makes the Cartoon beer the Brother in law dropped off, taste even better since all I had to do was not much extra than I normally would after 5 kids have swum all day. I just confirmed it was all out, run the robot around, topped up the water and let the filter...
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    New Pool and Code Brown

    So I am at work and one of my little nephews has let 3 Poo nuggets slip into the pool, they were scooped out and one broke into a few pieces, all removed within 10mins. What I have told the wife to do so far. 1. All kids out and no more swimming (Think the kids were out in 3 seconds flat,) 2...
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    Brand New Concrete above Ground Pool Owner (Sydney Australia)

    Hi All Exploding my brain with information about keeping a Salt Water pool clean, going from never having a pool to being a pool owner. did not have much of a handover, just set all the chemicals while i was at work, then showed me how the filter worked and said here is your 4 in 1 test kit...