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    Vacuuming a pool with a cartridge filter

    following... i to just purchased a manual vac setup and i dont seem to get a good amount of suction... i have a robot but want a vac for spot cleaning and major cleaning... i have a sta right 400sq feet cart filter and a pentair VS pump.
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    Help with dim Pentair Intellibrite 5g LED Pool light

    i just ordered two of these aftermarket ones from sunseeker.. i did call and they said they wouldnt sync up with the good intellibrite (i have 2, one lost red color) mostly because these new ones they built have 16 different colors instead of the 12, also they are supposedly 3 times as...
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    Pool finance option

    get the pool.. you only live once and no one knows their expiration date.
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    How Good Is Game Of Thrones?

    love it.
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    could this be from a floating liner?

    just curious how would someone get something like this out?
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    New pool in wisconsin! start to 99% complete with lots of pics!

    ugh... went to check on the pool through the security cam and seen this!! 35 mph winds i guess will throw the cover reel into the pool! sand bags on the reel legs??? not sure how to remedy this from happening again?
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    Two Words: Thank You!

    i also would like to extend my thanks. very much appreciated!
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    New pool in wisconsin! start to 99% complete with lots of pics!

    thanks. it will be nice when the landscaping is done. its proving hard to keep clean at the moment with the dog (and occasionally me) going into the mud..
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    New pool, think I have problems....

    i dont know with the weather we have been having im thinking more along of the lines of "we cant beat em so join em!"
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    DIY Pool Install?

    Bear, so far it works great!! it sucked up everything I could see from outside the pool. plus 12 earthworms (apparently they are suicidal over here?!?!) but ive only ran it twice but so far i like it... easy to clean, relatively lightweight. and the caddy is convenient. however, i think i...
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    Who is ready for spring ?

    its my fault, i put in a new pool... sorry guys for bringing the black cloud... literally.
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    Cloudy pool suggestions?

    my pool before seeking advice from TFP.. my pool after advice from TFP 2 days after.. cost : $10 in liquid chlorine. I dont even the pool store has anything priced less then $10... well maybe a noodle. i could of had them sell me a noodle or two.
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    DIY Pool Install?

    i believe the shell was like 14k delivered
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    New pool in wisconsin! start to 99% complete with lots of pics!

    thank you all for the kind words! two.25acres.. yep that is probably me! Been, im dreading moving those rocks as well. im putting down landscape fabric tomorrow i plan on taking that part very slowly. I about cried when i saw the green water. thinking that i should of bought another load of...
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    How to get CH down.. without draining

    yes i added acid.. my ph is 7.2 now. and im about far south as you can get. 5 minutes from the border outside of lake geneva!