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    Jandy controller giving "firmware" error

    Just looking over this quickly as we are heading out tonight. Is there any Spa controls also on the red connection? I would start by seeing of you have a Main board issue or a display panel issue. Try this manual:
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    What good are PSI measurements?

    I used the Fibaro Zwave module on mine and used my home automation to graph the pressure (VeraLite), but the cheap pressure sensor didn't last (or I still need to work on the electronics). I'll try something different later this winter when I get some time RGBW Controller - Z-wave controller |...
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    Jandy Tru Clear Pre-Installation Plumbing

    Thanks Kim. Just to close the post, Jandy didn't seem concerned in an email response about the elbow location so went ahead and installed it as originally intended. All wired to the iAqualink and setup (well still dialing it in)!
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    Pool Deck Textured coating help

    So far so good. Very easy to apply (I bought their brush applicator), and its a stain -definitely have to clean and open the pores of the concrete to apply. I will need to apply more clear coat with the Gription in the fall. I don't know if I buy into all the "cool" part of temperature...
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    Jandy Tru Clear Pre-Installation Plumbing

    I am looking at installing the Jandy Tru Clear SWCG and controlling with my iAqualink via RS485. Currently I am injecting LC with a Stenner Pump tied to my home automation system (for remote seasonal timing adjustments of pump run times) and the injector quill is where my Rainbow puck feeder...
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    Home Automation and Integration with Alexa / Google Home

    Had some success with this with my iAqualink and a Raspberry Pi (to host the Python Script) and using IFTT recipes , but then ran short on time: GitHub - evancg37/Alexa-Pool-Control: A simple HTTP server that allows an Amazon Echo to interpret voice commands to operate an iAquaLink pool...
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    Aqualink pda stuck on waiting

    Since you seem to have looked at the basic troubleshooting of wires damaged/poorly connected and RF channels to the PDA, I would give this guy a call ( Eliminating the PCB board can be done with a PC and the Jandy emulator software using an RS485 to USB device (...
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    Equipment Covers- I like this one!

    Excellent find! Thanks! Would be nice to see what other have done also...
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    Equipment Covers- I like this one!

    Looks like aluminum and maybe tinted Acrylic material? I'd be looking to cover my pumps, wall mounted electronics and filter more than my heater.
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    Equipment Covers- I like this one!

    I saw this pool equipment cover in an older posting on FB and was interested in this. Anyone know of the manufacturer or have anything similar? I've searched, but nothing this simple and appealing (to me) was found. I've contacted the original poster but hoping that others may chime in with...
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    Hurricane Harvey

    My exact readings too! Sad to see others that have so much work to get their lives back to some form of normal. Helping out any way I can this weekend. Be safe!
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    The Definitive Pool Deck Restoration Thread

    I used YouTube for most of the information on etching the concrete with Muriatic Acid as there is tons of information there regarding cleaning and prepping the surface for stains. Did the TSP for Oil removal and ensure water soaked into concrete with spot tests (to make sure water does not stay...
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    The Definitive Pool Deck Restoration Thread

    We have textured concrete around our pool and I used products from (NewLook International Restoration Solutions). It was DIY and I am happy with the results. The Tique Wash was a little odd for me in application but it certainly was an overall improvement and freshened the tired surface up. I...
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    Temp Sensor Open - Jandy Aqualink RS4

    Also page 21/22 of this manual gives you a little more information on testing and resistance values to expect:
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    Pentair variable speed pump not keeping time

    As far as I recall, there is a capacitor in the drive unit that maintains the clock. If the unit is not keeping time that is a non-user fixable issue. The capacitor is supposed to maintain the clock for up to 96 hours. In searching the forums, this might give you some more information: Pentair...