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    Propane gauges?

    Local BJ's wholesale club fills propane tanks and only charges you for what you need. I have taking them half full tanks right before a party to have it topped off. I also have a spare tank for backup.
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    Pump not working-- what do do while waiting on repair

    I had the same problem last summer with my pump going down. I just added the liquid chlorine and brushed the pool to circulate the chlorine. I would go around the pool 1 or 2 times to move the chlorine around.
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    Triac 6Ft spill over hot tub with pics

    UPDATE Finally a coup of weeks ago my pool builder got some replacement grates. Thanks for all those who commented on the thread. Not concerned at all about the suction as it doesn't seem strong enough to even hold a pool toy.
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    Triac 6Ft spill over hot tub with pics

    No problem, thanks for taking the time to check.
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    Triac 6Ft spill over hot tub with pics

    I forgot to mention this is a broken one and because of that it is only half of the suction fitting.
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    Triac 6Ft spill over hot tub with pics

    Here is a close up picture of the suction fitting. It measures 3&3/4 inches across. Around the outside of the suction fitting the following is written: (SPC-2 100 GPM 2K39 SUCTION FITTING LISTED 100 GPM) I really appreciate you takeing the time to see if your pool store has the parts that I...
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    Triac 6Ft spill over hot tub with pics

    That would be great! I don't remember a part number on the grate but I can take some measurements of it and get a closeup photo of the grate once I get home.
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    Triac 6Ft spill over hot tub with pics

    Re: Traic 6Ft spill over hot tub with pics Wow definitely did not expect to hear that.
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    Triac 6Ft spill over hot tub with pics

    In the pictures above I have one photo with the look of the spill over hot tub and the other is of the 4 suction grates 2 for the jets suction 2 for the heater suction. I need to find replacement grates as you can see one has fallen off. I am sure the others are on their way out as well as the...
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    Frog Squirting water out of adjustment dial

    Yeah I found that online about the snap ring going to look at it in the morning. It is the 5400 and it does us Triclor for chlorine. Boy you guys are quick!
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    Frog Squirting water out of adjustment dial

    Anyone have any helpful hints I have a Frog chlorinator that is squirting water out of were the dial is. I only use this when I go on vacation for 2 weeks each summer so don't tell me to yank it out. Thanks
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    reinstalling pump motor on hayward north star

    The pump on our pool is a a hayward north star and has stopped working. We have the same exact pump running our hottub jets and we want to put the motor from the jets on the pool. We have both motors off and are trying to get the motor back in and are having a hard time. Any tips to push the...
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    AZ Dust Storm And Now This Monstrocity. HELP!!

    You may also want to add enought DE to your sand filter to raise your PSI by 1 to help filter out some of the smaller particles. Just add is slowly waiting in between when you add the DE to see the results.
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    I love my Pool Buster CG my first one lasted 4 years and then it gave out. Working on my second PB CG was disappointed that the newer version didn't have the quick charge that my old CG had. Two season on the second one and still going strong. I hardley ever pull out the hose to do a regular...