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    Sensor for Intellichlor IC-40

    Sorry, for the delay. Yes the new flow switch fixed our problems. the SWCG is working as good as new again! Thanks for everyone's help!
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    Sensor for Intellichlor IC-40

    Thanks for the input. I’ll get a new switch and hope that works.
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    Sensor for Intellichlor IC-40

    Here’s a pic of the unit. The salt level lights keep flashing between good and low.
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    Sensor for Intellichlor IC-40

    The only thing I could find in the unit was what I assume is the magnet. Nothing else was rattling around. I removed that, but I guess the damage could already be done. Would the SWG not produce chlorine if this flow switch/ thermistor assembly was not functioning? It seems pretty easy to...
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    Sensor for Intellichlor IC-40

    Also the the salt level lights keep flashing green(good) then red(low). Besides acid clean I have never messed with the SWG. Is it possible to just change out the sensor? If so is that straight forward? Thanks again!
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    Sensor for Intellichlor IC-40

    My FC readings have been reading zero for the past couple of weeks and I’m burning through my menards pool shock to keep up. I figured the IC-40 could use a good acid clean. When I took it off, it appears that my sensor has corroded away. I assume this means it’s time for a new SWG, but just...
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    Pentair Ultratemp Heat Pump not heating water

    Note that a heat pump does not provide a fast heat up. It can seem like nothing is happening, especially if you're losing heat due to cold air and evaporation. Is the pool covered? NO Cover. How long did you wait to see a temperature increase? I've been checking it since we opened on May 3rd...
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    Pentair Ultratemp Heat Pump not heating water

    Thanks for the response. No error codes? No error codes as of yesterday Does it sound normal when running? Sounds Normal Do you have a picture of the system? I can get that this evening when I get home from work Measure the temperature of air discharge coming out of the heat pump fan. I...
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    Pentair Ultratemp Heat Pump not heating water

    Good morning. I'm coming to you guys because my normal pool maintenance company is at a loss. My Heat pump is not heating the water at all. The fan is running and the flow is good, but the water is not heating. They thought it might be the temp sensor and replaced that, but no luck. his pentair...
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    Menards pool shock BOGO

    Just an FYI, At least here in O’Fallon, Illinois, Menards pool shock is buy one get one free. The sale starts today and goes all week! Have a great day! -Chad
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    Bulk liquid chlorine in St. Louis?

    Grichard, I just got off the phone with Sunset Aquatech. The are close to my office, so I thought I'd get some info as well. They charge $17.25 for a 5 gallon bucket and a $12 refundable deposit. The lady stated that the Chlorine is 12%, but they have to label it as 10%. So at $3.45 a gallon it...
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    Needing Some Speakers This Season?

    I bought a pair of Niles RS6Si Rock speakers when we built our pool a few years ago and I also have a Sonos Play 1 under the deck. Have all connected through my Sonos connect App. Have been very happy with the results and sound. Can't wait to open our pool next week!
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    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    Just an FYI, Menards here in the St. Louis area has a buy one get one free sale on their pool shock, which is 12.5%. It only today through Saturday.
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    winter concrete question with vinyl liner pool

    So had the face to face with him today. To his credit, he was out here on a Sunday, plumbing, due to rain in the forecast tomorrow. He states that he does not plan on using poolcrete for the pool floor. He plans to place 4 inch, 5000psi, 6 sack Torpedo mix with fiber mesh additive. I have seen...
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    Chad from St. Louis

    I do feel for my wife sometimes! We are going to be trying one more time for that elusive baby girl.