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    Florida folks...costs?

    We're looking at making a move to Florida (Sarasota area) and wondering what your average 16 x 30 inground plaster pool runs?
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    New Polywood chairs...

    The hardware is stainless, I don't see why setting them in the water would be an issue. You'd have to have a pretty deep tanning ledge to reach the lowest screws...
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    New Polywood chairs...

    My first set, so I have no idea...
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    New Polywood chairs...

    The Aruba chairs are the Vineyard Curved back "large" ($319/ea in Aruba); the Lime chairs are Curved backed standard (a little smaller/lighter) ($199/ea from Home Depot). The smaller chairs are also closer to the ground, where the Vineyard is a more upright sitting Adirondack.
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    New Polywood chairs...

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    New Polywood chairs...

    Finally received our polywood chairs, like them a lot. Comfortable and well built:
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    What's your current pool temp?

    79 degrees this Saturday. Probably swimming temps this coming weekend.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    71 degrees yesterday, but a HOT week on tap. I expect it will be at 78-80 by this Friday.
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    If only I had $200 to blow...

    That is AWESOME.
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    Dolphin hijinks...LOL

    My wife has decided on "Flipper"...might be more fitting than I originally thought....
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    Dolphin hijinks...LOL

    This morning my Dolphin Saturn was on a tirade. First, it "high-centered" (for you 4WD folks) laterally on the top of my deep-end sitting bench. It balanced perfectly on it's belly and the seat edge. The tracks couldn't get any contact. I watched it struggle for about a minute, just to see if it...
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    Needing Some Speakers This Season?

    Back in the mid 80's I had a pair of Infinity RS-IIIb's....wish I still had them.