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    Thank you TFP! New Pool Install 2020

    Great job on the pool! Leveling is the worst!
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    Experiences repairing rust and painting a Modpool (shipping container pool) liner?

    Wow, I've never seen a pool like that! Very neat!
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    New pool placement

    Nice 4 wheeler!
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    Welcome Big Bertha!

    It's so big, I love it! Congrats! Nancy 🌺
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    Upgraded Above Ground Pool 18x33 and deck rebuild

    Looks great! Love the float!
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    Couldn't find the perfect clock so....

    That is so cool! I keep wishing I had a clock that would be easy to see from the pool. Nancy 🌺
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    Intex Deluxe Pool Skimmer not working......

    Ours wouldn't suck right, so we closed off the other return, now it works. I can see it swirling the water there more. But you say you have better suction, so I don't know, unless maybe it has something to do with your fountain.
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    8' Intex Easy Set

    Looks great!
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    Advice on a decent deck layout

    That looks wonderful! Nancy 🌺
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    Intex ultra leg falling

    We ended up digging a space and putting another paver in front of the one that it was close to coming off. Nancy 🌺
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    Does this bowing worry you?

    @jcrew6311 Okay, I always read that these u shaped legs needed to be supported with something. I've seen pictures on here where several were bent because they lacked support, but maybe your ground is hard enough to support it. Nancy 🌺
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    Does this bowing worry you?

    You don't have pavers or wood under the legs? Nancy 🌺
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    Quarantine Swamp turned Icey Blue Paradise

    Y'all worked really hard! It looks great now! Nancy 🌺
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    Put the pool up...and it's not level by 3 inches

    We just put up an oval pool and used the 8x16x4 pavers on ours. I've heard some people like the wood also. Nancy 🌺
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    Intex ultra xtr 18x9x52 rectangular pool setup

    We have an oval pool. Which is similar with the u shaped legs. While we don't live in Florida, we do live in the sandhills. We have sandy soil and we dug down to get to the lowest point, ending up being over a foot for us in certain places. We put down the concrete blocks like the above post...