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    NO Bond Beam??

    Thanks Brian, I believe we had the reinforcing steel on the top of ours, but will go back and look.
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    Baja ledge opinions

    We built a 4' by 7' tanning ledge. It is 12" deep. Two bubblers and one umbrella socket in the middle. It is used as a big long bench. If I had read more of TFP before our build, I would have added small corner steps to break up the step down into the pool into smaller steps. (Same for our...
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    NO Bond Beam??

    All the IG Gunite pools in my area are 12" walls. All the PBs quote it the same. And the ones we have seen constructed measure true. No "bond beams" mentioned around here because the whole wall is a bond beam? (I guess?)
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    Is CASH really king for an OB?

    I WOULD NOT ask for the cash price up front. Always start by asking for the "Best Price." Then ask the contractor when he can get to you and get the date. Once you have zeroed in on the price and date, then ask if he has a discount for cash and if you can be moved up. You would be surprised...
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    Concrete Walkway Question

    Looks good... it' not going anywhere. It will crack both on the control joints and eventually in other places. Also, water it for the first 7 days, especially if temps are warm. That helps with cracking in the glaze on top.
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    What to do about leaves?

    So, legitimate questions for the OP because I don't follow. You say you have a lot of trees, but work a lot during the week and only get to the skimmers on the weekends. Do you live in this house during the week? Do you not check your skimmers every day?
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    Good Price? Houston Texas

    That's a pretty equivalent price to the DFW area quotes we received.
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    Have two potential sites, both with issues. Where would you build?

    I would pick site 1. You could bring the decking of the pool up to your wooden deck and have a really nice sized outdoor space. As others suggested, I would highly recommend removing the tree. If not, I would cut all branches off from the ground up to about 12' or 14'.
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    Skimmer placement?

    In that case I would have it moved. Looking at mine last night I think it was 16 inches from the wall.
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    Skimmer placement?

    Question: Is that a normal 8"x16" travertine coping stone? That's what they look like. With the placement of the coping I think you are looking at 18" minimum setback on the skimmer ring to keep it from cutting the travertine. Not sure if that distance is possible or not.
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    Quartzscapes - Do you have it? Do you like it?

    Pics are in... check out my build thread!
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    My cost savings by going owner builder route

    Hang in there Foosman... I've been following your thread and the build will be worth it. And when you sip some Blanton's on the rocks sitting by the pool you won't even remember it. Well, most of it. :)
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    New Build - North Texas; Wise County

    Fence Nearly Complete; 1/2 Landscaping Complete We had the fence erected this week. Its a 4' Cedar fence. Other than two more gates, we are done. The gates should be finished today. Then, I need to lower, mount, and box-in the LED light controller so that it is more discreet on the fence...
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    My cost savings by going owner builder route

    I will agree with this. Disclaimer; my wife is in the custom home business. We have seen many people build their own homes and it turns into a very, very long "project". I have read enough OBs on here to see a lot of strong similarities between OB homes and pools. I think its safe to say...
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    12" water depth tanning ledge

    We have a 12" Water depth tanning ledge. We have no additional step into. We are VERY happy with the water depth on the ledge. The ledge is on the right side of the pool in the picture. Two bubblers, with an umbrella hole in middle. We don't like 6" ledge water because it is dirty in the...