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    High Ph

    Yes, we do To turn on/off the spa, lights, jets. Unfortunatel, the spillway comes on with the pump. I’m not sure how to change that.
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    High Ph

    Thank you for your responses. We do have a hot tub with a spillover water feature. We run it daily for about 12 hours, it comes on with the pump. Thank you for mentioning our pool volume, it is off in the app, ugh. It was originally supposed to be a 23k gallon pool but when it was filled it was...
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    High Ph

    Our pool finished completion at the beginning of last summer. I have been following TFP since before we started construction. We use the TF pool testing kit. Here’s my delima, I can’t get my pH down, it has never been under 8.2. I test weekly (record my numbers in Pool Math) and every week its...
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    New Build Northern California Spring 2020

    I just thought I would come back around and update this thread with my thoughts and learnings from this experience. I would absolutely do it again, if I had it to do over again. We love the pool and spa and use one or both daily! We couldn’t have done it without the help of TFP! We had so many...
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    Start up pool guy threatening to add “special chemicals”

    Not to my knowledge. We had the water tested as soon as it was filled, it came back with no copper or Iron.
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    Start up pool guy threatening to add “special chemicals”

    Thank you! Yes, we are running the pump 24/7 and brushing at least once a day, sometimes twice a day if we think about it.
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    Start up pool guy threatening to add “special chemicals”

    We have a new pool - completed construction and had water trucked in on 6/11. My hubby was worried about the start up and we agreed to having a company come to “start it up” and then we would take it over. The start up consists of coming out 3 times a week, brushing the pool, and getting the...
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    New Build Northern California Spring 2020

    Yes! That hole was terrible to dig. It’s just outside of the pool deck. We ran drip line all around the outside of the deck, just in case we wanted landscaping out there eventually.
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    New Build Northern California Spring 2020

    It was a struggle at times, but honestly, I would do it all over again to save the tens of thousands of dollars. The ScreenLogics was returned and the Pentair rep was able to help swap out the IC40 with an IC60. I am still struggling to get the IntelliCenter set up, but I think really just need...