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    Heating pool for first time question

    Agree 87-88 is perfect, especially when it is cooler out.
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    Raypak 406a Main Ignition Failure Heater keeps cycling

    This is what I did when my original Raypak heater was about the same age. 14 years is a good run for an outdoor pool heater. Start fresh with a new unit and cut your losses.
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    preventing leaves and debris from getting into loop-loc mesh-covered pool

    I use foam noodles (pipe insulators) around the perimeter to reduce the amount of leaves getting into the pool during high winds. I also have raised coping which helps. You can get noodles at home depot in the plumbing isle and I usually connect them together using 1" dia barbed pvc nipples...
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    Raypak 406a Main Ignition Failure Heater keeps cycling

    I have the mV version of the Raypak, so no control board. The only time I see a fully fired up Raypak stop like that is when one of the items in the safety circuit stops conducting, and the heater turns off thinking there is a safety issue. My issue was a bad thermostat. Check your...
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    Dedicated vacuum line needed?

    I have a dedicated vacuum line, which I used with my manual vacuum head attachment with an in-line leaf catcher. It was helpful to have this since my two skimmers shared a line, so using one of the skimmer lines wouldn't have enough suction. I now have a robot, so I don't use the vacuum line...
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    What's your current pool temp?

    Same here...temp is at 69 and hoping to get it up to 87 this weekend for a final pre-closing bash. Will probably cost $100 but I'll spend more than that on drinks!
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    Planning new build in NY

    Heater btu missing a zero? A lot of us like Raypak for reliability/quality.
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    Best place to purchase Muriatic Acid

    Lowes paint dept should have 31.45%.
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    Super dense mesh vs solid cover with pump

    I have a 20 year old Meyco mesh cover and close/open the same months as you. I don't have any issues, though I sometimes have to drain some water from the pool over the winter season when the rain and snow brings the water level up to the skimmers. You don't want ice forming at the level of...
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    Closing- Too much FC??

    Bringing it up to shock level is probably the best you can do. If you have a robot, you could always lift a corner of your cover in a month or two once the water temp has dropped and add some more chlorine, then let the robot mix it for an hour or so. If not, just plan on a SLAM upon opening...
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    Closing- Too much FC??

    After lowering the water but before the cover goes on, I position two floaters with 4 trichlor tabs each on a line across the pool (to keep them near the center and away form the walls). Your shock level probably won't last very long, so unless you have some residual chlorination, you could run...
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    Cannot maintain chlorine levels

    If you are battling algae and cya is 60, why not bring your FC up to 24 immediately?
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    Natural gas to propane

    When my 336k BTU pool heater was installed, they simply added a T to the line prior to the old meter, ran a new pipe over to the pool pad, and added a new meter just for the pool. The house already had a gas fireplace, gas grill, gas oven, gas cooktop, gas dryer, gas boiler and gas hot water...