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    raypac natural gas pool heater. P-M266A-MN-C.

    Just jump each device in the series circuit until the heater comes on. That should point you to the defective item and/or crimp terminal/wire. I had the same problem and found that it was the Analog thermostat.
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    Pool smells like chemicals?

    Brush the walls and floor, bring FC up to shock level (12 FC), clean the filter. Give it another week.
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    raypak pool heater sw open

    There should be a microswitch on the water intake where the pipes enter the side of the unit. Take the panel off and check the crimp terminals. If they look good, it might be a bad switch, or for some reason, water is not reaching the header...check any valves near the intake and make sure they...
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    Busted Ball Valve

    Maybe...these matched my old ones which lasted over 10 years and I don't expect to live in this house for another 10 years, so for $10 bucks per valve, it's not really a huge deal for me.
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    Busted Ball Valve

    I recently had the same problem with the identical setup as you. I just cut the whole thing out as high as I could from the ground piping and rebuilt it all the way to the pump (cell in your case). The valves and fittings should be less than $50. I used these...
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    Indoor Pool - Deal Breaker??

    If the price is right, I would buy that place in a heartbeat. Very beautiful!
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    Help me save money with our pool pumps

    I don't see why you can't change out the main filter pump to a variable speed like the 3HP Pentair 011028 (I just changed out my 1HP Hayward Superpump for this model) and run your pump on a lower flow for a few hours a day to get some filtration happening. My 1HP was running 12 hours per day...
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    Liquid chlorine and shock

    Ocean State Job Lot stores have liquid chlorine at 12.5% and is usually cheaper than Home Depot. If you have one near you, I’d recommend going there. I usually purchase 4 cases (16 gal) at a time. You can buy and set up a Stenner pump w/15 gal tank to add liquid chlorine to your pool on a set...
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    Purchased new Pentair VSP (Model 011028) - Run question

    Looks like it is snowing in parts of Texas today...that must be pretty rare!
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    Purchased new Pentair VSP (Model 011028) - Run question

    I think the hard-wiring code is worded for permanent pump installations, most likely applicable to pools in warmer climates I bring my pump into the garage each winter, so hard wiring is not appropriate. I do have a weatherproof outlet box/enclosure for the Stenner and main pump connections...
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    Purchased new Pentair VSP (Model 011028) - Run question

    Thanks for all the information! I have one more question regarding the electrical wiring. Rather than remove the cord and plug from my old pump, I purchased 6 ft of 12/3 outdoor wire and a Nema 6-15P plug to match what I had. For the connection on the pump side, is there a specific conduit...
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    PebbleTec vs Pebblefina vs plaster

    Pebble Fina is as smooth as plaster. I have it. If you go with fina, go with a lighter shade (white based) to avoid mottling. The shimmering sea flecks add a nice sparkle.
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    Purchased new Pentair VSP (Model 011028) - Run question

    I think on a power loss, both the Intelliflow and the Intermatic controls should retain their settings. If this is the case, it think it is probably OK to switch the Intelliflow over to constant power and leave the Stenner on the timer. There may also be an option to have one load on the timer...
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    Purchased new Pentair VSP (Model 011028) - Run question

    If the Intelliflo retains memory during power outages, I guess that would make the most sense. I didn't see anything about a backup battery for this unit...after some Googling, it appears to use a capacitor for backup power?
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    Purchased new Pentair VSP (Model 011028) - Run question

    I have decided to replace my Hayward 1HP single speed pump with a Pentair Intelliflow variable speed pump. Our electric company is offering a $350 rebate and because I've been running my 1HP pump about 12 hours per day, I think it makes sense to upgrade to a VSP to save on electric usage. I...