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    Above ground pool deck?

    Hello, I'm wanting to make a small deck, maybe 8-10' wide, 4-6' depth. Really just enough to allow my kids to jump into the pool from the deck. I have a 30' semi above ground pool that is out of the ground 27". I'm wondering is there some way to build this deck so the deck boards go over the...
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    Is Calcium necessary to monitor with an above ground pool?

    Just wondering if it's necessary? I have an all Resin above ground pool with a saltwater chlorine generator. Wasn't sure if this is more of an in ground pool issue to stop errosion of gunnite/fiberglass pools?
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    The Pool Factory Aurora 30' Resin pool.

    Hey guys, just posting this as I couldn't find much info on this particular pool. I have a 30' 54" Aurora all Resin aboveground pool. I have it so when I back fill it the pool will be 1/2 way in the ground. So far it seems like a really nice pool. I previously built a gunnite 16x30 pool in...
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    Changing liner on semi-above ground pool?

    Will be installing an Aurora semi above ground pool soon. Does anyone know when it does come time to change the liner would I have to remove the backfill around the pool walls every time? Thank you in advance!
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    Hello and advice welcomed..

    Thank you! I just saw your thread, looks great. It was pricey but hopefully it holds up for years.
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    Hello and advice welcomed..

    Thank you I did not realize that. I don't believe my previous Hayward set up had a timer but sounds like an easy safety backup.
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    Hello and advice welcomed..

    Thank you, I'll definitely be ordering the pool test kit this weekend.
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    Hello and advice welcomed..

    We just ordered an Aurora 30'x54" resin wall pool from the pool factory. I upgraded to a 25 Mil liner and got the pool cove for the corners (found out afterwards this can be purchased cheaper elsewhere). I wanted to order my own pump, filter, and salt water chlorine generator. For the filter I...