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    Offer to help

    Your drop kit is going to be the most reliable. Might as well toss the strips out. Pool store is iffy at best. As long as you have one of the recommended kits, just use that and don't get distracted by everything else. Which drop kit do you have?
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    What's the recommended test kit -

    For pools, I love my TF-100. But I don't know anything about fish. You can probably increase the sample size to get more precise measurements than what pool owner care about. Might be helpful for you to post what values are important to you and what range you plan target. Based on that...
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    Balancing is a myth, right?

    It may be easier for some. And more difficult for others. Different pools, different usage rates, different starting conditions. I realize you are talking about spas and not pools but my water is just about always in range of what I consider balanced. I only adjust TA once a year and hardly...
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    Puck Floater

    I have SWCG but as we start to move into the cooler months I was thinking of getting one of those floating puck chlorinators (I don't close for the winter). In the past I have put pucks in the skimmer after the water gets too cold for SWCG (I know this is bad for the pump & plumbing). Is there...
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    FB Pool Group

    We got our kids cell phones when they went to middle school (pretty typical for our area). Not a top-of-the-line phone, but an OK phone. We talk to our kids and try to trust them as much as we can. I fear keeping them locked down will do more harm than good in the long run. For example, I...
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    FB Pool Group

    Me too. We have a family Discord server.
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    Official 2021 Pool Critters Thread

    Same. I usually relocate snakes to the woods away from the house. Thankfully they have all been friendlies so far. If I do come across a copper head in the yard, I would probably kill it too. As much as I would hate to do so, it is just too much liability with kids and dogs running around.
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    Official 2021 Pool Critters Thread

    It has been a crazy snake year for us too. I usually see a couple per year but I've seen DOZENS! of snakes so far this year. Thankfully no copper heads. Mostly just rat snakes, brown water snakes, and at least one king. None in the pool yet this year though.
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    Tiny electric shock in open cuts

    It could be natural differences in the ground state. For example you may have a grounded fence and a grounded pool ladder, but if there is a slight difference in charge between them (caused by soil composition, buried utilities, geography, whatever), you could get tiny currents across them. It...
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    FB Pool Group

    Oh wow....
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    FB Pool Group

    Facebook just sent me a recommendation to join a pool group. I checked out a few threads and it seems very active, but OMG! I think I would go nuts in there. They are using pool store testing and everyone is offering crazy advise (often contradicting one another). I'm so glad I found you...
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    Help me decide between VSP or 2-speed?

    I would say that a VS pump should almost be required for SWCG systems. It will be far easier to tweak your run-time, FC output, and electricity cost with a VS.
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    water guru

    I guess it is good to know what the results used to be. It is handy to know what you should have done. But that seems less than helpful when trying to be proactive.
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    Cannot get alkalinity lowered!

    You are on the right track. Don't add anything except chlorine (preferably plain store brand bleach or liquid pool chlorine) until your test kit arrives. Do the full battery of tests and post results. Whatever the brown stuff is, it will be easier to trouble shoot once the chemistry is known.
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    Urine and other chemicals

    I agree they took a little liberty, but I don't think I would go as far as calling it pseudo science. The results are probably more accurate for a community pool than for a residential pool since the population size is larger. I would bet if you took a urine sample from two groups of 100...