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    Spring assist grill lids

    So I ended up buying a FireMagic with spring assisted lid. Happy wife=happy life is what many guys (and my wife) keep telling me. But AZrob, I’ll definitely show her a pic of your weighs, she’ll get a kick out of that. I’m still waiting for everything to come in. Tons of stuff is delayed for up...
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    Spring assist grill lids

    I’m in the market for a built in grill to add to my outdoor kitchen. First off I wanted a minimum of 36” of grilling space, interior lights, all quality 304 (or marine grade 316) SS construction, a good ignition system, and finally narrow spaces between the grates bc we like to cook salmon...
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    How to open a main drain

    A leak detection guy came out and blew air to show that there were two separate pipes going to the equipment pad that were the two main drains. Still need to hook them up, but that should be easy.
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    Water Leak

    It was not one leak but three that I’m aware of. Leak detection company found and shut down three of my nine returns on two separate lines. Plus I still have an air leak that seems to be somewhere underground. But That’s only a minor issue at this point. Pool is running much better now. Thanks...
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    Why am I Losing prime/head while vacuuming? arrrgh!!!

    In case anyone is curious how things turned out, I figured I’d post some before and afters. And say thank you to all that helped me get to this point. You guys (and gals) are awesome and I really appreciate all the help. A leak detection guy sold me some stain remover/sequestration. after 2...
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    How to open a main drain

    Nope, my skimmer pic was is in another thread. So here is that pic... Should I open the square plug?
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    How to open a main drain

    I took a few more pics that I thought might help. The first is a wide shot and then a closeup of the deep end drain and the third is closer to the shallow I’m wondering what would happen if I open the plug on the bottom just to see if there’s a pipe in there or if it’s just dirt. I wonder...
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