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    sean316 replied to the thread WaterGuru.
    That pretty much lines up with how I test. If its dark yellow I know there is chlorine in the pool. Last night the WG showed 4.6 FC and...
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    I have a hard time comparing the shades for the ph and chlorine on the basic test kit and find myself using the FAS/DPD test to really...
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    sean316 replied to the thread In Pool "Accessories".
    We put umbrella sleeves around our pool in the decking, I love it. When the sun moves we can take them from one side and move to the...
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    sean316 replied to the thread Fiberglass Pool Install.
    When our fiberglass pool went in the process took 2 1/2 days. I wasn't able to be home but I did set up a cheap camera and watched from...
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    sean316 replied to the thread WaterGuru - A Test.
    I ordered my WaterGuru last week. I will use it to help me dial in the SWG then continue my weekly test with the TF 100.
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    They left me with a cheap valve and hose to drain the pool when needed. We had a really wet winter and I found myself in the rain...
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