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    HELP! Coping crack need quick fix for party today

    Thinking about some PL fast grab 8x to get this to stick for a party we are having this afternoon. I know it's not the best fix but it's about to fall off and I don't want anyone getting hurt at a kids party this afternoon. Anyone have a better solution?
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    Outdoor kitchen build

    Been awhile since I posted. I finished up the stone and electric but still need to finish the plumbing and the feet.. I built molds for the feet so I can make feet that will match the counter top. For all of those looking at this build in the future. I highly recommend making the area where a...
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    Outdoor kitchen build

    I was planning to do no exposed aggreagte but due to the repair I had to sand off the excess JB weld. I decided to sand/polish the whole this to expose it a little. You can see in the last picture.
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    Outdoor kitchen build

    I bought some armor ar350 sealer Hoping it will penetrate and make it stay dark. I haven't applied it yet Cause its been super rainy around here. But I will report back once I do. I did make 2 mistakes when I made the bigger piece. First I did not have any draft angle on my sink knock out. This...
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    Outdoor kitchen build

    I used rapid set mortar mix. But I took my demo hammer to the mould while the mix was wet to ensure all of the bubbles got worked out. When it's dry it's pretty matte. But I bought some wet look sealer hoping to keep the dark color and the shine.
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    Outdoor kitchen build

    The silicon worked nice. I used a utility blade to scrape off the extra and it turned out perfectly. I used 1 bottle of quickrete dye per bag of mortar mix. And I LOVE the color. Idk why but for some reason there is a shadow where I placed the rebar.... I need to decide on tile next leaning...
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