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    Chlorine Gas

    Thank you, Richard. That definitely explains the CYA. It also explains why they would want that pH range before adding gas...but the site reads more like they expect your pH to remain high. Maybe I read it wrong. In any case, I'm not currently using them or gas (if you could only see all the...
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    Chlorine Gas

    Anyone have experience with it? How much would the recommended levels of other chemicals change while using it? I'm asking because I found a local pool that uses it and their website states these recommended levels: pH7.8 - 8.2 Alkalinity 90 -130 PPM Chlorine 4.0 + PPM Conditioner 100 PPM The...
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    Water Balance for SWGs

    So at what point do you take action for high salt levels? And what action do you take? A friend's pool is testing 3840 ppm right now and is asking my advice.
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    It's been green awhile

    Better late than never... for anyone curious what the bottom of my pool looks like... [attachment=0:1z9fapkk]cleanpool.JPG[/attachment:1z9fapkk]
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    Looking for a nice little form/log to record my test results

    So far I think Woodberg's will work the best for me...but I do like the separate tabs and running totals of jjdurrant's. I'm going to guess Need to Learn's was written with SWG in mind? It only has a column for pH down and nothing for pH up (easy to add another column though). The doc file...
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    Looking for a nice little form/log to record my test results

    I count four in this thread so far. Any votes for the best one? :)
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    How much CYA do trichlor tablets add?

    I'm in a similar situation where my CYA is low and I have a ton of tabs. I noticed someone mentioned 8 oz per that for the 1" variety? Anyone know the approximate weight of 3" tabs? I also like the idea of using them for a little while to keep the pH low so I can slowly add some more...
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    Considering a Pentair Intelliflo VF - Comments Please

    Wow, my pool plumbing stinks. Getting only 17 gpm at a cost of .36 kW.
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    Laterals - sand filter

    Thank you, sir! I'm just about to cover them. 8)
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    Laterals - sand filter

    That would be my guess too. Thanks for one vote backing it up! :) Adding to the problem...the plastic holder at the bottom of the filter that the lateral assembly sits on top of has come loose. So to add to the debate: do I center it as best as possible and let the weight of sand hold it in...
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    Laterals - sand filter

    When screwing the laterals back in...does it matter what direction the slots are facing? Or is it more important to screw them in tightly? I seem to recall the slots facing down when I disassembled but if I screw them in tightly they point in all kinds of directions. PS. I'm not claiming my...
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    WalMart Ultra Bleach - $2.54 now

    Ouch. HD here just raised their price on 1 gallon of 10% (brand Smart Liqui-Shock) from $3.58 to 4.79!! :shock: The slightly further drive to WalMart just become much more worthwhile! Looks like it is back to strictly 6% for me. Haven't found any other place that sells 10-12% around here...
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    Whats behind the name?

    Like "meatloaf", I'm using one after a singer, Everlast. Unlike meatloaf, he is not my favorite...just one I used at one time and haven't changed. My favorite musicians range across many genres from Ozzy to Jimmy Buffett to Keb' Mo' and many in between.
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    About to be a new Baquacil Owner...Help please..

    Update: I did find a Tagelus manual that says you can replace the first 50 lbs of sand with 1/8" to 1/4" diameter pea gravel. In a TA-40 that would leave you with 125 lbs of sand and the "free board" (distance from top of sand to top of filter) should be 7.75 inches. Attached is a screenshot...
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    About to be a new Baquacil Owner...Help please..

    I'm sure the pool sand from Ace would be fine. The filter says .018 - .022 inch (~.45 - .55 mm) or "20 grade" sand. If yours is a TA-40 it should only require 175 lbs (4 bags) if you don't use any pea gravel. I just paid a little more than $15/bag at Leslie' Ace sounds like a good deal...