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    Intellichem install updates

    I've decided to use ORP as my metric and I've also decided it doesn't make sense to be controlling ORP on an hourly basis throughout the day. I plan to set the IC60 at 50% under my control, and just monitor ORP. So long as ORP is consistent at a particular time of day, I will go with ORP set...
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    Intellichem install updates

    Some pictures from the install. Couldn't post it to the original message.
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    Intellichem install updates

    I've been debating whether or not to get the Intellichem and decided to take the plunge and wanted to share some info about the install and settings - Just finished the install this weekend and I haven't had a chance to have it "take control" of my chemistry yet. Will update with that...
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    Intellicenter app not showing heat set point

    Turns out I needed to set the schedule to "Don't Change" on the Heat selection. Previously, I had it to "Off". I also noticed that with the new firmware, I can update the schedule on the iOS app, and it correct updates the schedule. Previously, the schedule wouldn't get updated from the iOS app.
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    Intellicenter app not showing heat set point

    I recently updated my Intellicenter firmware and I noticed that when I use the iOS app to turn on my heater in pool mode, I no longer have a menu to control the heat set point in the app. See attached pictures. Any setting I need to update due to the latest firmware? I can’t remember if the...
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    Liquid CYA

    I used 4 gallons on this stuff and it raises my CYA exactly as specified. I like it way better than powder, mixes so much easier
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    IntelliPh opinion

    I am considering adding a Intellichem or IntellipH as well for pH control. One thing I've tried recently is the WaterGuru water monitor. I've had it for 2 weeks now, it's pretty accurate in pH and about 0-2ppm low in FC (I have a SWG and have about 50-60 CYA, and usually have about 7-8ppm FC...
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    How much free chlorine is safe?

    I'm curious why the recommended target FC is so close to the minimum level then? Why not have a larger offset and set the target at say 15 ppm to give headroom?
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    Intellichlor salt levels/cleaning & Intellicenter alerts

    Thanks. Further searching found some old threads that said these Intellichlor error message emails are bogus. I guess I'll disable the alerts. I wanted to use the min amount of salt so that no one in my family complains about the taste!