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    changing our 100,000 gallon pond into a pool. some problems.

    any helpful suggestions? just got it running, and one of the sand filters is spitting sand pretty bad. thinking its one of those finger things.. sucks i need to drain and empty it now.... thx.
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    Shock - Feeder ?

    our pool is approx 100k gallons with a small island in the middle. the water flow pushes the water in a counter clockwise direction. in the winter, we let it go natural, and in the summer we drain, clean, repair, etc. we are using a single pump with a huge sand filter and 2x large chlorine...
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    sprinkler valve to fill pool

    Yes. I use a 1 1/2 sprinkler valve to fill during the night. It's just added to our sprinkler timer under program D. Zone 31. Works like a charm!