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    Filter cartridge cleaning

    Can anyone suggest a product or home recipe for cleaning fiber cartridges? All that “sun tan lotion, and body oil” gets trapped in the filter media, i’d Like to soak them prior to cleaning with a strong stream of water. Thanks in advance Sandy
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    Expansion grout material

    I hope I’m posting in the right spot, and bear with me, I may have posted this inquiry before ( maybe even with pictures). I have an inground pool that was built 24 years ago, and the grout / material used in the expansion joint on the decking around the pool ( originally a grey pliable...
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    Pentair Easy Touch Pl4/PSL4

    Thanks to all.... Sandy
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    Pentair Easy Touch Pl4/PSL4

    The reason I am hesitant to turn off the breaker, is that I was told that there was a good possibility that I would lose settings.
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    Pentair Easy Touch Pl4/PSL4

    Not sure if I’m in the right place, but I have a Pentair Easy Touch PL4/PSL4 controller for my pool and spa. I have done some tile work, and would like to shut everything down for a couple of days, but I can’t seem to find anyone (Pentair included) who can tell me how to secure (shut down)...
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    Deck coping

    Not sure if I am using the proper term, “deck coping” My in ground 30,000 gal swimming pool was installed 19 years ago, and when it was installed, they used a gray material to seal between the brick around the the edge of the pool and the concrete deck. That material has hardened and is...
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    ScreenLogic/Pump Rebate Question

    Thanks for the input. Sandy
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    ScreenLogic/Pump Rebate Question

    Thanks Jim.
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    ScreenLogic/Pump Rebate Question

    Los Angeles Department of Water and Power offers a $1,000.00 rebate if you upgrade from a single speed pump to a VS Pump, and it meets their criteria The app i am using is on my smart phone. (iphone) I need to provide the information, as a precursor to their onsit inspection. Sandy
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    ScreenLogic/Pump Rebate Question

    I just recently upgraded all of my pool equipment to include a Pentair Intelliflo VS Pump w/ digital clock 011018, The Easy Touch PSL4 Screen Logic Bundle, the Pentair Master Temp Low NOx Heater and a Pentair Clean and Clear Plus Cartridge filter. I had it all installed by a Aquatic Equipment (...
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    Jandy Laars Temperature Control Assembly

    I have a temperature board that I believe is bad. Jandy Laars Temperature Control Assembly - R0011700 I have checked for 24V from the metal spade connector on my 24V transformer to the 24V terminal on the ignition control box, and I do not have 24V. My question is: is there an independent way...
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    Polaris PB4-60 Overheating

    I recently posted a question on what was the best option for either replacing a Sta-Rite PLBC-178L Booster Pump (circa 1999) or motor. After some thought, I ended up replacing the pump with a Polaris PB4-60 Booster Pump ( to complement my existing Polaris 380 cleaner ) The pool is at a second...
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    Booster Pump Replacement

    Thanks pondfishr...
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    Booster Pump Replacement

    I have a couple of questions: I am replacing an old Sta-Rite Booster pump ( PLBC-178L ) with a new Polaris PB 4-60 Booster Pump. Questions are...currently plumbed in with rigid PVC - can I add unions on supply and discharge.? Also should I bolt down the new pump ( using concrete anchors ) or...
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    Sta-Rite PLBC-178l Booster Pump Replacement Suggestions

    Hello everyone, As stated in my title, I have a circa 1999 Sta-Rite 1/2 HP Model PLBC-178L Booster pump that is getting very loud and I believe is in need of replacement. (25,000 gal in-ground pool with a Polaris 380) I would like to get some opinions as to whether I should replace the pump...