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    New build - Dallas (Prosper) - Gunite!

    each sub has a copy of the old plans. It's insanity!
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    New build - Dallas (Prosper) - Gunite!

    Had to send nasty gram to our pool designer. The plans on site do not match the most updated plans which has caused multiple issues and delays. Yesterday and today they worked on gas lines but will back tomorrow to run an additional gas line for the power burner in the kitchen. If I didn't...
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    New build - Dallas (Prosper) - Gunite!

    Gunite almost done. They need to set posts for arbor first and they also missed adding bench along back wall. So, once steel crew comes back and forms bench and once steel beams are in, they will be back to finish the kitchen area and bench.
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    New build - Dallas (Prosper) - Gunite!

    We are traveling for spring break so thankfully the camera is rolling and my neighbor took photos. Looks like rebar was finished today and we have plumbing going in:
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    New Pool Build - Mansfield, TX

    Lookin good. I grew up in Mansfield with my parents moving there in 82. Love the area and your pool design.