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    New Pool Katy, Texas

    That’s a lot of concrete, add some planter cutouts to break it up.
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    Custom Pool with Blue Stone Decking & Coping Questopn. NJ

    Read the manual...surprised not to find a note “Not rated for pools”?
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    New Pool Katy, Texas

    Pool looks great...take the mosaics back to the store, its going to ruin the awesome plaster.
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    Home Depot Muriatic Acid

    Looks yellow in color right?
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    Home Depot Muriatic Acid

    Did I just make a mistake - instead of the Swimming Pool Muriatic Acid (14.5%) I got the other stuff, 31.45% - poured some in the pool - one box says Balance on it?
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    Another Vegas OB

    Look like they did that lower jet cutout correctly, can’t wait to see how they work.
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    Salt is HIGH!!!!

    Oh boy, the heat must be affecting my brain, used a 25 ml sample, sigh...retested sitting at 3600. Will get my boys to do some cannonballs to get rid of some water! :)
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    Salt is HIGH!!!!

    Does the Taylor SALT K-1766 kit go bad? The date on the it says test used by 3/20... Did my last Salt test around April, and the test indicated 3200ppm....todays 7/10 the test indicated 8600ppm? The IC60 salt reading is 3600.... I started noticing small flakes of salt in my Dolphin, and that...
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    First test results. Help with raising CYA

    I would have drained it too...5 years of poo in that pool, to much muck, but in the end you’ll get there.
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    First test results. Help with raising CYA

    You could also use the pool vac, and just clean the filters often, don’t have wait for the 25% pressure increase.
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    New Build Northern California Spring 2020

    Mediterranean Fan Palm in the center of that dirt patch...
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    Featured New pool build in Allen TX

    Pool coping requires different knowledge than putting stone on stairs...there really is no “pattern” with stone, other than what you think it should be. I think it will look good when it’s done, almost like adding an accent instead of making everything match and blend to blah, but in the end...
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    French Drain for New Build

    Post a picture of the terrain...
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    How Clear is TFP Clear? Let's See (Pics Please).

    Ok, I'll play - not as clear as some of you with no water in the pool!
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    LED Lightning review

    Pick the Intellibrite....use microbrite for the sunself, stairs areas.