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    Costco Bestway plumbing conversion

    Question. See photo below for the products I’m using: I was trying to find information on what the normal pressure should be on the filter now that I have it running. Currently it is at 12 psi.
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    Costco Bestway plumbing conversion

    Rough plumbing complete:
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    Costco Bestway plumbing conversion

    This is why I believe the pipe is universal. A store like Home Depot is not going to carry only drain pipe. I’ve you schedule 40 many times in the past and this is the heavy stuff that I’ve always used. There is no way something blows through this
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    Costco Bestway plumbing conversion

    Made some progress today but really blew it with the skimmer location. I didn’t realize that all the YouTube videos I have watched were the Hayward being installed on 90° vertical walls. As shown in the photo earlier, the walls of this Costco pool are substantially angled therefore the skimmer...
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    Costco Bestway plumbing conversion

    I had to go back to Home Depot today. That pipe above is the only pipe they carry. You never mentioned what the problem was. This stuff is thick walled, schedule 40. It fits all the parts just fine.
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    Costco Bestway plumbing conversion

    You mentioned using DVW. I hope that’s not what I’m using. I have in the past by mistake used a thin walled PVC but this time I made sure I bought schedule 40, even though the price is insane. But I have the initials DWV on the pipe so just wondering. Here is a photo
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    Costco Bestway plumbing conversion

    Guys, I know this is going to seem impossible. In the video, I was using a cut piece of tubing from a large 25 foot roll I bought on eBay. Just for giggles, I tried the parts on the other end of the 1 1/2 roll and it’s more snug!!! In fact, it may actually work. So is there a possibility that...
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    Costco Bestway plumbing conversion

    Video of the issue:
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    Costco Bestway plumbing conversion

    I did verify that the sizes are correct on both the tubing and the parts. It has 1 1/2” printed right on the tubing. The tubing is just not snug at all in the parts and they mostly slide freely in them. One strange thing I noticed was that they really feel loose in the ball valves but a tiny bit...
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