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    Normal evaporation this time of year

    Live just outside of Boston and I seem to really be losing a lot of water due to evaporation the last 2 weeks.. I have a pump seal leak that is getting repaired this Thursday, but I have my equipment off when not needed. I thought I may have another leak some place else, but when I put my...
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    Pump seal leak

    I noticed I was losing more water in the pool than I should be. A couple of weeks ago I dropped 3 inches while away on vacation. Getting a bit worried as I am scheduled to close my pool this Thursday, and the last thing I want to do is close until I find the source of the leak. Did the bucket...
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    Not sure its worth to open early in the future

    I get the drill of closing late, and opening early. I have done that the past few years and have opened to a relatively clean pool in late April. Usually only takes a couple of days to have everything balanced and in order. However, I must say from about the second week of May to Memorial Day...
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    Open to 0 CYA for the 3rd straight year

    To tell you the truth I have not run that test yet. I usually hold off on that one until I get closer to running the SWG. I will say that the past few years I have had to add a lot of salt.
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    Open to 0 CYA for the 3rd straight year

    Opened the pool yesterday. Once again I have a CYA of 0. I use the liquid CYA every season so I wonder if that has something to do with it? I wait to test the CYA after filter has been running and mixes the water up for several hours, and I bring the water to room temp.. My CYA at the end...
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    Opening with extreme cold water

    In a few weeks I will be doing my opening. Last year when I opened my water was 42 degrees. That is the norm for an early New England open. Sticking your arm in water that cold is not pleasant, not to mention you lose all strength almost immediately. Taking out plugs, and plugging in the...
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    CYA testing at 20ppm

    I do not have an autofill. I do add water once a week due to normal evaporation, unless of course we have lots of rain, and my CC has been 0 all summer. I am also thinking my reagents may have an issue.
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    CYA testing at 20ppm

    As I am going on vacation for the second half of September I am closing my pool earlier than I would like this year. I plan on closing early next week prior to our trip. In an attempt to get the water as cool as possible prior to closing, I shut off the heater yesterday and took a full reading...
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    Your thoughts on closing a bit ealry this year

    I know its still early in July but I am trying to plan ahead and would like some input from others on this board. I usually close my pool around Oct 5th -10th. This year my wife and I will be traveling to Italy the last two weeks of September. Usually by the last week of September I have...
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    Slightly Cloudy Water after adding liquid CYA

    Still no improvements with use of skimmer sock. My FC is actually up to 6.5 after increasing SWG to 80% with today’s and tomorrow’s heat wave. Kind of at a loss to what is going on here.
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    Slightly Cloudy Water after adding liquid CYA

    I am very cautions about my FC dipping below the recommend levels per my CYA. Just checked again and my FC is still holding at 5.5. Mind you that is with the pool being in direct sunlight since 10:00am this morning, and an outside temp of 90. SWG seems to be holding level where it needs to be...
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    Slightly Cloudy Water after adding liquid CYA

    I noticed yesterday that my water was slightly cloudy. In the morning I added half a bottle of Liquid CYA as I wanted to increase my CYA levels for my new SWG cell that was replaced earlier in the week. While my cell was down I was keeping a close eye on my levels and using liquid cholorine...
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    Freeform in MA

    Looks great! Who is your builder?
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    Pentiar IC 20 dead?

    So after spending some time on the phone Pentiar, and going through a series of test, they believe I have a dead cell. They are sending out a service company this week with a new cell. It is still under warranty which is great! In doing the test for pentiar I noticed my flow switch inside the...
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    Pentiar IC 20 dead?

    No automation or separate timer. Yes I need to update sig. I thought it was the IC 40, but my paperwork shows IC 20 which makes sense for my pool size.