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    old brittle leaking return eye leaking

    i ended up draining the pool past the returnand the swap was quite simple. Tanks for the replies.
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    old brittle leaking return eye leaking

    I was trying to tighten the return eye, and then it cracked. I new i would need to replace it, it looks a bit sad. My question is. (i know it is obviouse) I just need to ask. can/is it possible to replace this w/o draining below the return? and what else is needed for the repair, gaskets...
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    rjggg Saying hello to all

    I need to thank all of you in advance for the helpful advice you will give. I just closed my 2nd season with our 24" round ag 13,5?? some odd gal. Live in the NW in. area. BBB :rockon: