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    Needle valve for the Liquidator

    Do you recall where you purchased yours?
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    Needle valve for the Liquidator

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I think I will try out the Hayward NV10025T .
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    Needle valve for the Liquidator

    Yeah, I just took a look at the Hayward valves and they are expensive. I did find this one (not hayward) This one appears to be plastic, so maybe it would work? Any thoughts on this one?
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    Needle valve for the Liquidator

    Hi. I have been using the Liquidator for a long time now w/the 3/8" upgrade. I have been thinking of getting a Needle valve to control the flow. I was thinking about this one, since its relatively cheap...
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    Liquidator Flow Meter...

    Its still working great, even though I have some air in the upper section of the flow meter cylinders. :goodjob: Thanks for all the responses.
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    Liquidator Flow Meter...

    Ok, I have had the Liquidator for several weeks and overall things are working well. I did contact HASA because my flow meter had a crack, and they quickly sent me a new one. However, I was wondering if my flow meter is working correctly. When the pump is on, the ball is at the set level...
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    Testing 1...2...3...

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    Chlorine sale

    The Great Escape has 4 Gallons - 12.5% for $10/case.
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    Anybody paint The Liquidator....

    I just received mine this week. My pool gets full sun throughout the afternoon. I'm just curious what some people did to block the Sun from affecting the chlorine in The Liquidator. If you painted it, what color did you use? Thanks.
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    Transition to BBB method....

    Hello, I have had my pool for 2 seasons now and I just recently winterized it. I plan on using the BBB method starting next spring. I also ordered the TF-100 test kit in preparation. My current setup is a Hayward Filter and Zodiac/Nature2 Sanitizer unit which uses the TriChlor tablets and the...