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    Closing first time - couple questions

    Tim From another Buckey (northern Ohio) it sounds like a sand filter. If you want your pressure gauge to work next year remove it and store it so it cant freeze.
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    hot tub aerator

    I have ben using bleach in my watkins hot tub for about 4 years now. I would like to do away with the aerator in the hot tub. My question is can I just unplug aerator unit or do I need to remove and plug air lines also? Thanks Ric :?
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    Hayward Valve Label :-(

    Terry I think the valve you are talking about is mounted to the side of the filter. With the pointer on the handle pointing towards the filter I will call this position 12:00. 12:00 Filter 2:00 Waste 4:00 Closed 6:00 Backwash 8:00 Recirculate 10:00 Rinse Hope this helps
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    Dichlor to Raise CYA?

    I also do the same. The only side effect I find is my ph falls quickly(daily)You will need to keep a eye on the ph if you are set up for bleach.
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    New house, with pool

    Thanks Dave I have to clean the coffee from the keyboard again. :lol:
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    Tell me some GOOD THINGS about inground fiberglass pools???

    Mike... I had my liner pool replaced with a fiberglass pool about 5-6 years ago just before I retired. The pool install was amazing by a company in business for 30 years. They even made the shell from molds that they started business with. All employes were related to the family business for...
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    Lots of tiny particles floating on top of pool...normal?

    hawkeyes... I live in northern Ohio and you are describing a normal spring , early summer around here. We don"t realize how much Crud is in the air till we get a pool. I have weed seeds, tree seeds, Charry blossoms, grass, bugs , frogs, and the list goes on and on. I live in the country and...
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    Solar Cover Spec

    David...I will start by saying your cover helps keep the dirt out, blocking UV helps a lot with CL use, cuts out evaporation, and help retain heat in the pool. My pool is a rectangle with rounded corners and with using the heavy covers the return would move the cover away from the walls. I...
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    Appropriate cleaner for wooden deck pool surround?

    Waterwoman...I use a high pressure sprayer keep it moving and try not to lift the grain of the wood. You should be able to rent one for a day at the hardware or tool rental. after it dries for a few days I seal it with a solid oil stain with a brush. The solid oil stain lasts longer then the...
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    So BBBers, how long since you've shocked?

    in last 4 years I shocked at closing and sometimes at opening and usually ad CL at the first thaw That is it. Also I keep my TA at 60 and check PH and CL daily I have used 4 cups of acid in the last 4 years and no polyquat at closing.
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    Phosphates & Shocking the water with a fiberglass pool?

    Teeseee 150...could you describe the burn stains a little more. is it possible you have metal stains?? Fiberglass will show metal stains very easily especially if the ph is kept high. A picture would help if not try to explain the burn marks in detail. Also what is the hot tub made of??
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    solar cover questions

    numberonenole...I always used a blue with silver solar cover. Last spring I tried a clear cover. With the blue cover I would use 2 cups of bleach a day. The day I put on the clear I went to 10 cups a day. After 4 weeks I replaced the clear with a blue and I went back to 2 cups of bleach a day...
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    Safety Products - Pool alarm

    Vinnie...I have tried the pool alarms and I didn't have much luck with them. They might have better ones now but mine would give false alarms every day no matter what setting it would be on. You need to check your pool codes there is some states that require them I have read. My set up is...
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    A discussion of the effect of rainwater on pools

    Dave... In the past I always tested after the rain and everything was fine on a regular rain. On a large storm (3" rain) I would get about .2 drop in PH like frustratedpoolmom which I am do east in Ohio. I would add Borax to bring it up and the next day it would want acid to bring it back down...
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    Looking for a door lock

    Axl... I have a 4 year old and have the same thoughts as you. At three she could open any door in the house. It was not a big problem but I worried about night time and her getting to the pool or other outside place. I installed sliding bolt locks about 5 1/2 feet high on all my inside doors...