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    Do I need to disconnect my "dead" intex swg ?

    Sorry for the delay. I had to bite the bullet and buy refills for most of my reagents. I rarely tested when the SWG was kept the water sparkling with no effort. I've cleaned the plates recently although normally they dont get "dirty". They got dirty again within a few days. I...
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    Do I need to disconnect my "dead" intex swg ?

    I've been through at least 3 of these Intex swg's for my above ground (non-Intex) pool in the last 7-8 years. I loved them and didn't mind replacing every 2-3 years until the price jumped from $150 to $800. I got the notorious 'low salt" error last year. We bypassed the display (control board...
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    Sand in pool and backwash

    I've replaced the liner, sand, sand filter, multiple spider gaskets, pump and laterals myself over the last 15 years. I back washed the new filter/sand for the extended amount of time recommended by Hayward (cant remember exactly how long but it was long lol). My stubborn bf was helping me and...
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    Uneven ground - pool tilting!

    Thus may be bad advice but my 27' agp (not intex) has been lopsided for years. It looks bad but my pool guy said it's fine lol
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    Sand in pool and backwash

    I just installed a brand new hayward 180T. Among other problems I have sand in the pool and noticed in backwash today. So it occured to me after reading a lot of TFP filter reads capacity 150 lbs sand....that does mean I should put 150 lbs of sand in it, right? Dumb question I know...
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    Facts Hard to Come by on SWG vs. Directly Chlorinated Pools

    I converted to swg about 5 years ago and other than the current swg shortage I've loved it. I'm not an expert or even that knowledgable about equipment...but I know that I rarely have to make any adjustments once I open the pool. I doubt I even tested it more than once or twice last year. I had...
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    New Intex CO6220 error code 91 (low salt)

    The low salt light is a very common error (& cause of death) with Intex SWG's. I've been through at least 3 and I need another one now. I've never heard of a new one doing it though. Unfortunately you probably cant get it replaced right now.
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    Am I screwed?

    Thank you! I put 2 more lbs of shock in last night and brushed it. Going to try some clarifier now but I've got alum too. I'll check out the reagents site. Why would I need an SWG for double the volume? I've thought about upgrading but haven't seen anything I can afford. Going to the site you...
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    SWG costs

    I knew my Intex (15,000) swg was most likely **** up last year but didn't want to spend the $ before I had to 🥴 I've had 3 of them ...they average a life of 2 years but at $150 it was well worth it. The lowest I've seen them this year was probably $700. I don't know if I'll even get my pool...