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    Missing Stabilizer Second time stabilizer has gone to zero..

    I don’t remember seeing anyone question the CYA test regeant in this thread but I could have missed it.
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    Tried to deep clean my sand filter first time ever....think I messed up bad :( What are my options

    You’re removing the sand. Is new sand expensive? What am I missing?
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    Green water after huge rain

    Did you keep the pump running while you were getting all that rain?
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    Remove Railings in Winter or Leave them out?

    I take the railing out so I can install the leaf net.
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    What to do after mouse?

    I have to laugh at all these ‘horror’ stories. You ought to have seen the ‘mess’ a raccoon family left in our pool, a couple of different times. Not to mention the ‘possum incident’. I had to invest in an arsenal of Orbit Yard Enforcers to protect the pool. I have cameras that capture the...
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    Beware of Pool Service Companies

    Kinda ironic that, along with hiring a pool service company to manage a pool, we have to train the pool service tech to do it correctly. Then pay him while he’s getting his OJT.
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    New Pool, New to TFP and a $1000 power bill!

    It runs the entire 12 hours? No matter the outside temp? It never reaches set point?
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    New Pool, New to TFP and a $1000 power bill!

    My heat pump averages about 6 hrs/day run time and about $145/month.
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    Salt Cell Runtime Formula

    Gotta be doing something wrong. Dowloaded, went to website. Can’t make any entries. A little help please? What am I missing?
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    Salt Cell Runtime Formula

    Can someone provide a salt cell run time formula or is there a calculator that is current and functional? Link please?
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    Unexplained FC Loss

    Resurrecting this thread because I know you have all been waiting breathlessly for my FC test results after the latest calcium chloride addition. As happened the last time, FC crashed after the calcium chloride addition. FC had been rolling right along, consistently day after day, between 8-12...
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    testing CYA with turbidity tester

    The ad says they can’t ship the standards because of airline rules. Are the standards available elsewhere?
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    Pool continues to have algae / green sediment on the bottom

    Let’s start with “PoolMath says for a 45000 L pool it should have a CYA level of 39.” Where does Poolmath tell you that?