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    A cat climbs and walks on my Intex XTR.

    Hi. 2 days ago I found out about the photo. And last night a cat was walking around the edge of my pool until I chased it away. Can the pool be damaged? I have prepared a repellent spray based on water, cleaning vinegar, lemon and lavender to apply on the floor.
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    Floor supports for Bypass.

    Thank you for your response. There is space so I don't care about the place. I had thought about the ground next to the pool pump, but I do not know whether the rigid pipes must have a support or can go directly into the ground. Regards.
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    Floor supports for Bypass.

    Hello. I have an Intex XTR aboveground pool on hard tile floor, and I want to install a bypass for a heat pump. What kind of supports are used to put the rigid pipes of the bypass? Thank you very much for your attention.
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    How to keep temperatures warm

    Heat Pump
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    Bluetooth chlorine and PH meter

    Hello. What do you think of this Bluetooth chlorine and PH meter? Is it reliable? Thank you.
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    Heat pump: 50mm PVC to flexible 38mm.

    Hello. I have an Intex XTR pool and I want to put a heat pump. T.he heat pump has 50 mm PVC pipes and the pool hoses are 38 mm. what parts should I look for? Thank you.
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    Bypass Intex Sand filter power/timer switch.

    @Jaylis76 My circuit is different. Apparently I have 2 ways to place it, with the clamp facing in or facing out. Am I at risk if I place it wrong?
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    From Canary Islands

    Hello. I am waiting for an Intex XTR 7,32m. I want to add the heat pump AstraPool Poolex Silverline 70 Fi Full Inverter 7,0 kw. I live in Fuerteventura. Greetings.
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    Bypass Intex Sand filter power/timer switch.

    Thanks. Does it work on the Intex SF80220-2 pump? This is important to me because it will be driven by a heat pump. Greetings.