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    IntelliCenter - Circuit Group & Schedule Issue

    @MyAZPool - Any help?
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    IntelliCenter - Circuit Group & Schedule Issue

    I recently changed one of my Circuit Groups to utilize a different speed on the pump, which is setup as a Feature Circuit and having issues with it working in the SCHEDULES. This is how I have it setup; Feature Circuit: PUMP SPEED 2000 (name) Pumps: PUMP SPEED 2000, setup with RMP @ 2000; setup...
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    Mesh In-ground Pool Cover - Narrow Coping

    I’ve been looking at getting a Loop-Loc style mesh cover over our pool installed, as we have leaf fall in both fall and spring. Most of the mesh pool cover sites recommend 24” of coming so there is room for the latch and spring. Unfortunately our in-ground pool is raised up on 3 sides roughly...
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    Pool essentials liquid chlorine - retail

    I’ve been supporting my pools chlorine habits with Pool Essentials Chlorinating Liquid (10% bleach) from a Walmart cause it was the cheapest and best stores product around. As of this week I can’t find any stores within 100 miles that are stocking it. The Walmart website says out of stock...
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    Pump Schedule / RMP & IntelliCenter Circuits / Scheduling

    Looking for some help on pump run schedules and a question on the pump RMP circuits. I have an IntelliCenter i8ps and Variable Speed pump. No SWG, adding liquid bleach daily. After running pump for two weeks for pool startup I'm ready to start dialing in pump run schedule and reduce run times...
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    Pentair Controller and Automation Questions

    R - Don't mind the options, and do appreciate you guys giving input. I could always still add an IC40 a year from now if I wanted to correct? My pool builder doesn't want to warranty the stone with the salt. I figure i'll try chlorinating the old school way with liquid or tabs for a year and if...
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    Pentair Controller and Automation Questions

    @MyAZPool and Jim thank you guys for the info, super helpful. I'm definitely leaning toward the IntelliCenter. I'm not going go be going with a SWG to start with (I know, not what you guys recommend, but what has been recommended to me by multiple pool builders here in Austin, TX). Question is...
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    Pentair Controller and Automation Questions

    Can someone enlighten me on the different options for controls and automation from Pentair. We’re currently proposing using an ET-8 for a pool/spa combo and pool light control. We’ve opted for the 8 in case we want to power and control landscape lighting, equipment pad light and SWG if we ever...
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    Austin, TX - Under Contract for New Build (1st Pool)

    Jim - Thanks for your feedback and comments. I asked the PB about the Saltwater system and his response was that becuase of our Limestone Coping they don't recommend it for corrosive or expansion reasons. Is this valid?
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    Austin, TX - Under Contract for New Build (1st Pool)

    Depths are 3.5 to 5.5 with the 6" tan ledge. There is also a bench on the deep end you can't see in the picture.
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