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    Spa drains when pump off.

    There was a leak in the seal around the drain. All is good now. Saved $150 by self diagnosing. Thanks
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    Spa drains when pump off.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Spa drains when pump off.

    Is the intake valve the one that toggles between the pool suction and the spa suction? I
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    Spa drains when pump off.

    Last night I turned off the spillover and ran the pump in pool mode. The spa was isolated. When I woke up the spa was way down about 7 inches. Thanks for your help.
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    Spa drains when pump off.

    Yes, the water is way below the jets. The water from the spillover comes from the jets. I'm going to fill the spa and run the pump all night isolated from the spa. If the spa level drops that should eliminate the water being sucked back as an explanation. Right? It would have to be leaking...
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    Spa drains when pump off.

    Could the actuator that diverts to the the spa jets be the culprit? I notice air bubbles coming through the jets in spa mode and when on spillover. Thanks! Attached are some more pictures
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    Spa drains when pump off.

    I have an elevated spa. When the pump is off the spa drains significantly overnight. The check valve is fine. Actually there is a manual diverter valve before the check valve that can either be set to pool or spa that is always set to pool so I don't think water can get back through there...
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    Programming a new JVA IAquaLink

    This is what I wanted to do. Automate and control the pool/spa diverter and it works exactly how I intended. I was not aware of the spillover feature. The spillover may do the same thing more simply. The newly installed JVA may be redundant although I have more control. I do have JVA's...
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    Programming a new JVA IAquaLink

    What I am trying to do is automate the spa/pool return with a JVA so I don't have to do it manually. I want return through the pool some of the day and through the spa the other part of the day. I plugged the JVA into the cleaner port and turned on dip switch 1. I had to move to pool lights...