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    One pool guy told me that Black algae is almost impossible to kill. Is it true?

    NewB...if you plan to stick around and adopt the TFP method of pool care, now is a good time to complete your signature. Take a look at mine and others to help set up yours. Important now is pool volume and how you plan to chlorinate your pool. I didn't see a salt water chlorine generator (SWG)...
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    Life of new TF-100 kit (looking at the refill deal!)

    You can look for similar price breaks at around Spring, sometime in March I believe. If you can make it until then, you will extend the life of your refill kit.
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    New to TFP.

    Welcome neighbor!
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    One pool guy told me that Black algae is almost impossible to kill. Is it true?

    Don't pour acid directly onto the pool surface. It will damage the plaster. Chlorine and a scrub brush is the best way to get rid of black algae. Maddie is recommending that you use an index card or white piece of paper to rub the black substance onto. If it leaves a green smudge on the paper...
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    One pool guy told me that Black algae is almost impossible to kill. Is it true?

    You probably won't find the HDX 3-pack in-store, but you should find the two-packs of 10% liquid for about $7.00. It comparable to the Kem-Tek stuff in your Lowes link above. Check you local independent pool stores (not Leslie's). They may carry "HASA" 12.5% liquid in refillable containers for...
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    water line rising due to rains

    After my 75% drain/refill earlier this year, I'm trying our a new strategy. In an attempt to mitigate increasing calcium levels, I use the bib to drain water while it's raining. I pull water from the main (bottom) drain as the fresh calcium-free rain water falls from above. A good storm of 3 to...
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    Advice for Solar Blanket and Reel

    With the high wall on the back side of the pool, using a reel will be a (real) challenge. Optimally, you want the reel over the water or at the edge of the pool. Dragging the reel over the pool's edge and on concrete would be tough. One option is to cut the cover lengthwise into two sections...
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    Termites and bugs destroying liner?

    It's hard to tell from the photos. Google "springtail bugs" and take a look for yourself.
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    leave cover off all winter?

    There's really no reason to use a solar cover during winter. As you found mentioned, all the stuff it keeps out of the pool ends up in the pool when you remove it for maintenance. Evaporation is greatly reduced and you won't be swimming, so no need to worry about warming up the water. Put your...
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    cover pool when it rains?

    Unless you lose water to overflow, you won't need to worry about salt leaving the pool. Just let evaporation take the water back down to normal levels and your salt will be back where it started. By the end of November, your water will probably be too cold to run the SWG anyways. My system shuts...
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    Water heater: Tank or Tankless

    I've used WiFi switches and plugs from three different manufacturers. I like Kasa TP-Link the best. It's the easier app to schedule and the interface is the most user friendly. If you already have WiFi plugs, try to find one from the same manufacturer for consistency. Check Amazon on Black...
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    Can I run my pumps with the water level below the skimmer?

    The diverter didn't work for me. It allowed air into the system which caused the pump to cavitate. If you have a dedicated suction port that you can isolate suction to, you can drain to just above this port while the cleaner or it's hose in the water.
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    Water heater: Tank or Tankless

    The plug I linked is a 3-prong, and good for up to 15 amps.
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    Water heater: Tank or Tankless

    Good decision. How about using your existing pump and plugging into a WiFi smart plug? 24 hour control from you phone for under $20...
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    Water heater: Tank or Tankless

    You won't be able to use a conventional re-circulation pump with a tankless system since the unit requires a minimum amount of flow to generate heat. I miss the re-circ pump. Our current home had a tankless system when we moved in. If more than three sources of hot water are turned on at the...