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    Winter Insulating Cover

    So i we have just about made it through our first winter. My wife swims every morning. and i mean every morning. she was out there in snow storms, ice storms and temperatures in the teens. We keep the pool at 83 and she warms it up to 85 about an hour or two before going out to swim and let’s it...
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    Who’s getting ready for the next season?!

    Been researching what it will take to get music to the backyard and pool. Main criteria is that i don’t want any remote or need to manually adjust or turn on anything but just be able to select the speakers using airplay2 on my phone and it will just work. Think i have settled on the Sonos Amp...
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    Robot Brain Weather/Waterproof?

    Yes, wanted to build a pool that was a little for the wife and a little for the kids. And all the up keep for me :) She is saving hours every week not having to drive to pools everyday. Need to update the picture since that was the day after it was filled and still looked a little green from...
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    Robot Brain Weather/Waterproof?

    I have a DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Supreme and the instructions say/imply to not leave the head unit out in the weather or let it get wet. When i talk to people they don't seem to be worrying about bringing the head unit in and out depending on the weather. I am currently bringing it in every time...
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    Who is still swimming?!?

    Thanks! I have been meaning to add that info to my signature since the pool was finished. It is 21,000 gallons and i use a Pantair 400,000 btu natural gas heater and a medium quality solar cover. The solar cover is something i think could be much better, but i can't seem to find any options...
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    Who is still swimming?!?

    it is in that time of the year when it gets in the upper 40’s and maybe the lower 50’s during the day and in the 30’s and 20’s at night, but my wife still swims every morning. About freeze my hands off early each morning pulling back the solar cover. We keep it at 83 and heat it up to 86...
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    Pool winter cover is "melting"

    I’d walk near there at different times during a sunny day and seeif you feel a heat beam coming from a window. Those double pain windows reflect the light as a beam that will melt hard plastic. i had a plastic slid in my back yard that started getting deep grooves cut into it. about the same...
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    LED Lighting--Number and Placement Help Please

    Just had our lights plugged in last week. One thing i now wish i had done was have them install one plain light in the center of the pool to have come on at night as a safety light. my pool seem to get pretty dark at night and would be nice as a safety feature to always have one light on at...
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    Planning Houston area pool? Landscaping? Small Wax Myrtle warning here...

    i am a big fan of the Tea Olive (Osmanthus fragrans), or sweet olive shrub. they grow fast and can get big if needed or can be cut back to a shrub size or small tree. the sweet olive blooms twice a year with the best smelling flower ever. can be smelled from a good distance. Leaves are not...
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    2CM Porcelain pool coping OK to use? In nevada

    i don’t want to assume the thickness will be the same, but the one we are using is 0.79 inches thick. the freeze thaw ability of the porcelain tile is supposed to be a strong feature they brag about. that is because of the impermeable surface that doesn’t allow water to be absorbed by the tile...
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    2CM Porcelain pool coping OK to use? In nevada

    that looks great! Are the jets/returns at the end of the pool for lap swimming resistance?
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    2CM Porcelain pool coping OK to use? In nevada

    let us know how it goes. i know the thickness of the tile is something that has to be considered during the build. but i haven’t gotten to that point to know how if affects any part yet. Good luck!
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