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    Help with IntelliChem settings

    i contacted pentair tech support many times until someone explained it where it made sense. They said with a pool cover and ORP we may be running into ORP suppression. The chloramine gasses from bound up chlorine can't escape due to the cover and then get back into the pool, and then the...
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    Status on new IntelliChem installation with IC40 SWG

    Hey I'm using ORP and Intellichem and IC40. Were the bubbles causing it not to sense the flow, or were the bubbles throwing off the ORP readings? I've been suspecting the air I see in the lines sometimes may be causing my orp readings to be off.
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    Help with IntelliChem settings

    Hi I have an intellichem, pool cover, and the SWG. I've been having trouble figuring out the best intellichem settings for my SWG. It appears even though I tell it low sensitivity for the ORP it still goes 100% and , for some reason, when the SWG is on, it drives my ORP lower for hours. When...