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    intex 16ftx32ftx52in install

    I was unable to jack it up. I tried everything. Including a high lift jack. I had to drain the pool.
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    intex 16ftx32ftx52in install

    it does expand some, but i dont remember how much
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    intex 16ftx32ftx52in install

    there was a post on here that showed the dimensions where the supports needed to go I will try to find it
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    outdoor bbq gazebos

    I purchased a normal gazebo from Walmart for $199 & put my main grill just outside of it. Doesnt protect the grill but gives me a nice big shady area to sit. Have my smoker under it as well
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    intex 16ftx32ftx52in install

    That is great news. Well all except the small leaks. You will love that pool. I expect to see lots of pictures as the summer goes on
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    Landscaping around base of Intex Ultra Frame pools

    I am going to put sand up against the walls of my intex & then do smooth gravel instead of mulch. I am afraid of using any plants in the landscaping. Worried about the roots
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    The process of installing our Intex 26'x52" pool

    love the pics hope it fills up soon so you can start enjoying
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    intex 16ftx32ftx52in install

    i did it with a full pool. I wanted to make sure the liner was stretched properly. Completely install the skimmer before making any cuts. Do not cut the white seam that goes around the top.
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    NEWB with an AG question...

    are you talking about the 16ftx32ftx52in rectangular? If so I did not feel the 2650 that I had was turning over the water enough. I may have been wrong & over thinking everything, but upgrading to a hayward pump & sand filter just made me feel better. I loved the 2650 on my 16ft round & I have...
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    intex 16ftx32ftx52in install

    ask as many questions as you need :) I had actually forgotten about my problems with the skimmer. Yes I kept the hydro tools wide mouth skimmer, but the screws from fastenal did not work. When I was trying to tighten them down to stop leaks they did not hold. I went back to the original screws...
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    Pool Newbies with a big leaf problem! And questions...

    the intex sand filter pump (especially the 2650) is strong enough to run a pool vac. Sand filters filter your water better & no more cartridge filters to replace
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    Pool Newbies with a big leaf problem! And questions...

    definitely upgrade your pump. If you want to stick with an Intex pump do yourself a favor & go with one of the sand filter pumps
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    intex 16ftx32ftx52in install

    to go from the intex fittings I used a trick i learned on this board.. A 1 1/2 inch conduit box adapter (found in the electrical area of hardware store) will fit inside one of the connectors from the Intex hoses. You then glue 1 1/2 in PVC pipe to this adapter. Go to the post in this link...
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    planning the install of 12x24x52 intex pool

    There was a good post on here where someone uploaded a nice picture\layout of the leg placement for the rectangular pool. It showed the exact location for the legs. I will keep looking for it, but according to Intex you are correct with the measurements
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    Stupid Mistake

    I agree with linen. the round intex pools can be jacked up just enough to get a block under them.