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    Using Chlor. Tabs; Why not?

    In my limited experience, Trichlor pucks in a floater have their place, as long as you know the dangers. If you realize that pucks add CYA and are prepared for it, than pucks can be very useful for stretches when you're away from your pool, etc. Due to a strange sudden CYA drop in my pool...
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    CYA Dropped on it's own?

    My parent's pool? Here's my best estimate: Temperature - Around 88-92F in the summer months, 60's 70's in the winter months. Size - About 20,000 gal They have a DE filter. I wish I would have been testing my CYA more regularly so I could have tracked it as a function of Chlorine level and...
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    CYA Dropped on it's own?

    This is exactly the way I understood it, and I think you explained it very well. :goodjob:
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    CYA Dropped on it's own?

    Not that this proves my theory by any means, but my folks have had a pool for about 20 years here in AZ, and have used nothing but pucks to chlorinate the entire time. To my knowledge, they have never had algae (in fact they don't even test their water anymore, they just check once or twice a...
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    CYA Dropped on it's own?

    You betcha. The pool loses at least 1.5"-2" a week this time of year. At one time I thought I may have a leak, but the "bucket test" has shown otherwise. (Slightly humorous story: The first time I did the "bucket test" I placed the bucket on the deck rather than on the top step. It got so...
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    CYA Dropped on it's own?

    In my case, the pool was still being "mixed" by the pump and cleaner every day while it wasn't being used. I do definitely think that the heat has something to do with it, as several people I know around here have used pucks for years without draining, and their CYA is fine. I'm really...
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    CYA Dropped on it's own?

    If that's the case, and the effects are as dramatic as what I've witnessed, there may be a method to lowering CYA without draining water...
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    CYA Dropped on it's own?

    Hadn't seen this post Chem Geek. The pool temp is about 89F-90F from July to September around here. Could the high chlorine level I kept while on vacation have something to do with it? (See previous post above)
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    CYA Dropped on it's own?

    I didn't get any algae that I know of. (CC's have been zero every time I've checked). I kept the chlorine level pretty high while I was on vacation for 2 weeks. (Had my neighbor throw in a couple pucks every few days). The FC was probably up around 10 for 14 days or so.
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    CYA Dropped on it's own?

    Since my pool was built in April, my CYA consistently tested at about 70 for about the first 2 months. I've been using BBB since day one so that it won't go any higher. I went on vacation for a couple weeks last month, and used Trichlor pucks while I was gone to make it easier on my neighbor...
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    If we go away on vacation how do we BBB users...

    I left for a week on vacation at the beginning of July and used trichlor pucks while I was gone. I brought the chlorine up to about twice my normal level before I left, and the pucks kept it from dipping too low. I'm leaving again for a week at the end of the month, and will use less pucks...
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    Hayward Colorlogic light is flashing???

    We've only had ours for a few months, but now you're making me nervous. Those things aren't cheap. Haven't had any problems though. (Knock on wood)
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    "Dangerous" levels of chlorine

    I just used Trichlor pucks for a week while I was gone on vacation, and in reading the side of the "jug" they came in, it said to "never enter a pool with a chlorine level higher than 3 ppm". I keep my ppm higher than 5 most of the time (here in AZ we run our CYA a bit high because of all the...
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    Testing a couple of new Pool Calculator features

    Excellent. You've done it again. The CH compensation in particular is great. Thanks again.
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    Bucket test

    The only bucket test I know of tests for leaks (by comparing the amount of evaporation from a bucket filled to a known height). I'm not sure what test you're performing, or what you're trying to find out. Can you please elaborate? If you're looking for the amount of bleach to add to your pool...