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    SOS for pool

    Hi, We did as suggested - and have had more rainstorms here in San Antonio! I'm sorry but the SLAM process seems a bit confusing to me so I'm not really sure what to do. Here's our test results for this morning: FC 5.5 CC 1 pH 7.5 TA 90 CH 375 CYA 20 Seems like our FC and CC are about .5...
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    SOS for pool

    Good morning! Due to heavy rainstorms we finally were able to do all of the tests requested today. It seems things are looking better, but I'd love to know what to do to get everything in range. FC 7.5 CC 0.5 pH 6.8 TA 80 CH 550 CYA 15
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    SOS for pool

    Ok, we have finally got our test kit and here's what we have assuming we are using this right. The pool has cleared up but I really don't know what to do next. Our FAS-DPD results from last night were: 13.5 FC and 1 CC. This morning the results were: 14FC and 1CC. Our CYA was more than 20...
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    SOS for pool

    Good morning , We just purchased a home that has an 18x33 oval above ground pool with a vinyl liner. When we looked at the home in late March it was clear. When we moved in early April the water was green. Here's the history since then and I really need some advice as I don't know which...
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    Hello from San Antonio!

    Hi, We just purchased a home with a 7 yr old above ground pool. It stays green! We have changed all the sand in the filter and are now in day 2 of muriatic acid to lower the ph and alkalinity. More work than we anticipated!!