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    Replace a TCell 15 with a TCell 3?

    Excellent information as I was not aware that it only required removing a jumper to allow the main board to be compatible with the Aquatrol t-5 cell. 8-) The rebuild service may also be a cost effective solution. If you try this service, please post your observations and total replacement...
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    Replace a TCell 15 with a TCell 3?

    Won't work. :( You need software revision 1.5 or higher to use the low output cells. Even if you had this version, you would probably not be happy with a unit that produces 1/3 of the amount of chlorine that your current cell produces. If funds are the issue, then consider the GLX-CELL-15...
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    Metals in my fill Water

    Our fill water from a well has trace amounts of Iron and over time it causes stains. I used Jack's Magic Purple Stuff for 2 seasons in our saline pool and it worked well. I am currently testing the Blue Wave brand of Super Rust & Scale Remover. It is an HEDP based sequestering agent at 1/3...
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    Replaced T-15, now getting high amps

    Communication error 2 "The display/keypad is not receiving any communication from the Aqua Logic main control unit. The most likely cause of this problem is a broken wire or "open circuit" in wires "2" and/or "3" in the cable between the display/ keypad and the Aqua Logic main control unit."...
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    How to test SWG before replacing cell

    Here are a couple of things to check before you condemn the controller or cell. Clean the cell per the manufacturers instructions. As calcium scales builds up inside the cell, then chlorine production decreases. Test the Stabilizer/conditioner (CYA) level in the pool water. If CYA is less...
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    Help Code 194 AAand 125

    These codes indicate low cell current and high cell voltage. These codes could indicate a dirty cell or a cell that needs to be replaced. Clean the cell per the manufacturers instructions to see if the trouble codes clear. If the codes are still present after a thorough cleaning, then it may be...
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    Blue Haven Smartpure Sanitizer inspect cell/low salt light

    Re: Blue Haven Smartpure Sanitizer inspect cell/low salt lig Kimmisue Symptoms suggest a failing salt cell. Did the pool store "test" the cell? You should be able to replace just the cell. Blue Haven smartpure systems are private label branding by Hayward/Goldline and is the same system as...
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    TF100 vs Pool Store

    3.2 gpl = 3200 ppm A salt level of 3.2 is grams per liter 3200 is parts per million Which salt system?
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    Polaris 380 - All 3 Wheels Powered?

    Here is a link in PDF format showing the parts detail. ... _parts.pdf PSG
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    Polaris 380 - All 3 Wheels Powered?

    The front wheel should't freewheel. The 380's have two belts that transfer power from a centrally located pulley to the two wheels. The two belts are available as a BELT KIT and are normally replaced at the same time. These belts are commonly replaced items and many pool stores keep them in...
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    High Clorine Leves w Hayward Sense and Dispense

    ORP extended means the system is running the pump continuously trying to adjust the ORP level. The pump will run 24/7 no matter what you have set for the ouput % or pump run duration :shock: This is why the chlorine level is so high. The probes may need to be cleaned. To clean the ORP and pH...
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    Check Cell Light

    If the inspect cell LED is flashing then there is no need to return the cell. The inspect cell light is only a service reminder. :-D It is kind of like the oil change light on your car. :mrgreen: Take a look inside the cell and look for calcium scaling. If you see scale, clean the cell...
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    DE Pro Grid Filter Upgrade?

    Ted, You are correct about Hayward's pricing strategy. Don't forget you would also need the taller outlet elbow and the upgraded clamp/o-ring assembly. $330 filter head 48 Sqft $190 updated clamp spring assembly with new style o-ring $ 45 Outlet elbow $ 40 retaining rod $135 grids 48 sq ft...
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    DE Pro Grid Filter Upgrade?

    Just replace the one damaged grid $20 If the grids are all in questionable condition, then consider a set of 7 grids $120 It is a lot more than a couple of extra bucks to upgrade. To upgrade to larger grids, would require replacing the entire filter. The 24 sq ft grids are only 12" tall. The...
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    CYA question for the experienced pro's

    The advantages of maintaining the recommended CYA concentration are increased cell life and shorter pump run times. $10 for the cost of CYA seems like a bargain to be able to decrease the pump run time by up to 40% and to almost double the life of the cell. The only advantage to a lower CYA...