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    Who is still swimming?!?

    We've been in ours at least a couple of times a week. Heat pump and solar cover easily keeps the pool at 88!
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    Measurement on sample tubes in TFTestkit don't match Taylor sample tubes. Which is correct?

    Maybe I got a defective batch of tubes in my original kit :cool:
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    Measurement on sample tubes in TFTestkit don't match Taylor sample tubes. Which is correct?

    I did the test twice to ensure I didn't do something wrong... I just found it interesting! I want to keep doing my chlorine tests only in my chlorine tube. I guess I'll use the sample sizer in the Taylor tube, then pour the water into my chlorine tube.
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    Measurement on sample tubes in TFTestkit don't match Taylor sample tubes. Which is correct?

    I know I have to use the sample sizer with the Taylor tube - the real question here is which tube is actually 10ml? Obviously one is 10ml and the other is ~11ml or one is ~9ml and the other is 10ml. (Or neither are correct:oops:) Having been an engineer in a manufacturing facility for a good...
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    Measurement on sample tubes in TFTestkit don't match Taylor sample tubes. Which is correct?

    I have recently noticed that the 10ml and 25 ml lines on the TFTestkit and Taylor sample tubes do not amount to the same amount of water. I had always used the TFTestkit sample tubes, filling to the appropriate line, then dropping in my speed stir pellet, then testing. I purchased a Taylor...
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    Got myself a pH meter (Apera PH60)

    The manufacturer only recommends always storing in solution for the PH60S - that is the pH tester with the spear probe. For the PH60 bulb probe, you can either store it in the solution or no solution.
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    Hayward OmniLogic R4.0.0 MSP Released!

    This is most likely to verify that the panel actually has connectivity to the internet. The mobile app does not communicate directly to the panel. The app connects to the Hayward service on the internet, which then communicates with the panel. The panel then responds to the service, and this...
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    Got myself a pH meter (Apera PH60)

    I have had one for about 8 months. Works great (far better than the one sold on TF Testkits). According to the instructions, you clean it with distilled water, but you don't store it in distilled water. I use mine at the start of my pool testing process, then let it soak in distilled water in...
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    Hayward OmniLogic R4.0.0 MSP Released!

    I got the same message. I went to the panel and selected Alarms. When I did, I was given the option to start the update. Everything worked perfectly well and I am now running version 4.0.1. I don't recall the release notes indicating that updates could be initiated from the mobile app - it only...
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    On the books for a 16 x 32 inground - Thoughts please?

    I am on my 3rd pool in 30 years, and would never get a pool without an autofill/drain system. Hands on has nothing to do with it, it's about maintaining the level in the pool properly. No matter how good you are at filling or draining as needed (more important in a hot state vs a cold state)...
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    Omnilogic App

    You will also get this same message if the Hayward cloud service is down or unreachable for any reason. Keep in mind that the app does not talk directly to your Omni. All communication goes from the app --> cloud --> Omni, then Omni --> cloud --> app. If anything is down in that stream, you'll...
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    How I cool down my Pool

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but I tried those in GA and they didn't work very well. In addition to not working to lower the temp of the pool, they stop your water from circulating properly, and get in the way when you swim. I solved my temp problem by installing 4x6 posts and attaching shade...
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    With pavers, you will have the same issue for a base regardless of whether it is stainless or composite. You need a base to provide stability, so you're going to have to remove pavers, pour concrete (and make sure the concrete is at the right height to allow the pavers to be replaced and look...
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    Advice needed on my new pool

    I'm not sure you want to connect your autofill to sprinkler control. The autofill is designed to be connected directly to a water source - or are you putting it on a zone that will be on all the time? You don't know when the autofill will demand water, and for how long, so it is best to have it...