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    Still losing water after...what now

    It was the skimmer faceplate gasket. I did repairs to the it and didn’t lose any water last night.
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    Still losing water after...what now

    So the water loss might be evaporation???
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    Still losing water after...what now

    It’s not summer temps. We hardly have been getting in the high 70’s. It’s been roughly 15 hours
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    Still losing water after...what now

    I’m still losing water. I have changed the skimmer. Changed the multiport handle. Replumbed leaky fittings in the pump house. Didn’t lose water for almost two weeks. Now I loose almost a 1/4” in one night. What could it possibly be now?
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    Unfound Leak

    If you have a multiport valve. It could be leaking into waste while on filter.
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    Backwashing and Rinse

    I ran the backwash for a couple minutes till the water went clear. Then ran the rinse for about a minute. Would that be enough for the water to drop?
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    Backwashing and Rinse

    I bought a house with a pool that sat for three years. Did a lot of repairs. I now have the pool clear and ready to go. Due to all the debris in the pool I have to backwash and rinse a lot. Does it take a little bit for the water level to level out. I didn’t notice it when I was vacuuming and...
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    Pool pump not starting

    Looks like you need to replace the motor. Mine did the exact same thing this year. I have learned that pool supply stores mark up is very high. Try looking online if you have to buy a new one.
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    I lost about 3/4 inch when I backwashed. I’m in the process of opening a pool that hadn’t been open in three years. Was in very bad shape. Had to replace the skimmer and pump motor.
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    I back washed it this morning. So it’s normal to bring it down a half an inch or more??
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    When I backwashed my pool it lowered the pool water level. Is that normal??
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    Need new pool skimmer.

    Where is the best place to buy a skimmer. Pool store is way to high.
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    Losing suction while vacuuming

    I found a crack in my skimmer box around the suction line. My pool will not hold water above the skimmer. Is it safe to say that’s my air and water leak?
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    Crack inside the skimmer

    I found a crack inside the skimmer. Would this crack leak water from my pool? My pool water will not hold water till it goes below the skimmer