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    Chlorine Recommendation Exceeds Heater Recommendation

    I have been following TFP guidance, and use the Pool Math app for logging tests and making corrections (using liquid chlorine). All has been going well to this point, but I've run into an issue with the recommendation. CYA is at 50, and the Pool Math app recommends 4-8 FC, with a target of 6...
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    Help with Planning New Equipment Layout

    Thanks Allen! It's hard to see in the photo, but the chlorinator is on the output side of the heater with a Jandy check valve in-between. The check valve was shot, so I replaced the guts of it, even though I've rarely used the chlorinator (only when my CYA drops or we're going to be away from...
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    Help with Planning New Equipment Layout

    I'm working on a project to redo my equipment pad. This is what it looked like to start. Issues included: 1. Heater didn't work but still wired up 2. SWG salt cell removed but control panel still in place and wired up 3. Polaris booster disconnected but still wired up 4. Waterfall pump was very...
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    New Equipment Pad Cure Time

    Thank you!
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    New Equipment Pad Cure Time

    We poured a new larger pad yesterday to accommodate our new heater, and we're itching to hook everything back up (and correct our chemistry post-shutdown). I searched online for a good answer to when we could put the equipment back on, but am finding answers all over the map (and most geared...
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    Help with return positioning

    Thank you for all the suggestions. I think I have all the plumbing figured out, and have been able to adjust to put more suction to one skimmer, which is working better now. I found a basket full of leaves, bugs, and a good-sized live snake after a day with these adjustments. I'm going to be...
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    Is Old SWG System Still Good?

    I recently bought a home with a pool I'm learning to take care of. I've switched from the pucks that were being used to liquid chlorine, after struggling with algae and not being able to keep up with chlorine demand (due to high CYA levels). Now that I've figured out the liquid chlorine option...
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    Help with return positioning

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have them all going counterclockwise now, not disturbing the surface, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. There isn't much wind, and not an obvious prevailing wind. I've also been experimenting with speed, though nothing has been obvious. One thing mentioned...
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    Help with return positioning

    Thanks. I just replaced one of the doors, so they both operate as you describe (whirling). It just doesn't seem like there is enough pull from the skimmer, so the debris floats by.
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    Help with return positioning

    Thanks for the suggestions! A couple follow-up questions... 1. Any opinion on the eyeball vs slotted return fittings? 2. Any recommendation on how to angle the fittings? I've seen recommendations of aiming to disrupt surface, and also recommendations to angle at 45 degrees toward bottom to mix...
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    Help with return positioning

    I've been reading everything I can on how to position my returns and have tried both hydrostream and hydrojet eyeball covers, but no matter how I orient them I watch debris float right by my skimmers. Some debris finds its way into to the skimmers, but most just floats by repeatedly, and I'm...