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    Raypak Gas Heater 406A no spark - need tech advice

    If you have a T1 location on the board, its electronic ignition (IID). Are you hearing a buzzing noise while its trying to light? Not a clicking, but a buzz (from the pilot assembly). Three buzzes, then a pause, then three more, then a pause, etc,etc. If you can, the board is probably...
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    EasyTouch Automation + Heater Control - what's the level of control with EasyTouch Automation?

    The extent of the EasyTouch automation to "control" a heater is basically to turn it on and off (as you guessed). It also has the ability to maintain a temp (thermostat). That is pretty much it. And yes, you are right, most of the time, you are setting a temp and that's it. Except in the case...
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    Raypak heater wiring

    Yellow wire connects with the other yellow wire at the gas valve. There should be a connection for 2 wires marked MV/PV (yellow). Then Violet/BLK wire should connect to MV and the Red/BLK to PV. Thats what the colors should be, yours look like they may be a bit faded. Blue wire needs to be...
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    New hot tub owner and need help. Thanks everyone!

    Can you elaborate on the button pad that doesn't work? You cant turn the heater on or off? Or you cant adjust the temp? All of the above? Check the tubes or hoses that connect he air switch to the blower air horn and the gas valve. Also the wires that run all the way back to the board from...
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    Heater wont stay on keeps cycling

    The physical or mechanical bypass could be cracked or broken and not regulating properly, causing the water inside it to over heat. However, they usually do some knocking or banging just before the heater cycles off. Not always particularly loud, but you can hear it.
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    Brand new Pentair MasterTemp 250 LP won't ignite

    I agree with the supply being too small. You may want to also check the ignitor. Over the years, i have had several that have were broken right out of the box probably from a rough shipment.
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    Pentair (PacFab) MiniMax 100 Propane

    If you dont hear the click from the thermostat, then it is the thermostat control. Whole heater in general looks quite weathered. I may question investing any money to fix. And then there's the rust...
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    Pentair Minimax 250 - Transformer Burned (literally)

    Right. The wire connects or closes the safety circuit and allows the heater to continue with its call for heat routine. If you can identify the burnt wires, just hook them back up. Should be two, and are not polarity sensitive.
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    Brand new theme pool heater whistles

    Yes, especially if this is propane, water column should be checked. Is this a new heater as in replacement? Did you upgrade the size (BTU)?
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    Raypak 266a wont ignite pilot

    Confirm you are getting voltage at the PV and MV/PV wires at the gas valve OR at the board if nothing at the valve, this will rule out possible faulty wiring (when it is supposed to be lighting).
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    Brand new theme pool heater whistles

    It sounds like a flow noise. Does it stop immediately once the heater shuts down? Or does it kind of fade out?
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    Brand new theme pool heater whistles

    A whistle? Or more of a groan?
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    Heater wont stay on keeps cycling

    Thermistor or board. Usually the thermistor. Just order one, if not now, you will need to replace at some point.
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    Raypak 266a wont ignite pilot

    Right when the heater begins its buzz to ignite the pilot, you should hear a click. That would be the pilot valve solenoid. You may have to take the door off to hear. If you hear that click, your probably getting gas to the tube and/or orifice, and one or both is just clogged like Paul says.
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    Raypak LCD replacement: Need some verification before ordering

    Sorry to chime in after you have ordered... I wonder how old this heater is? Raypak had a problem with those displays and even had a recall several years ago. If you were to call Raypak with the serial number, perhaps you can get the board for free. Edit: See your serial number, looks like...