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    A renter with a pool!

    My pool (SWG) likes to stay at around 7.7-7.8 so that’s where I leave it. I don’t know that I’d let it stay as high 8.0. Has the pool been plastered anytime in the past few years?
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    A renter with a pool!

    Have y’all had the crazy rain down in BR that we’ve been getting up here in Alabama? We’re already 22” above average for the year and it’s made my life as the family pool man aggravating. SWG is already going to keep your PH closer to 8, but lots of rain can drive it north too. And if you’re...
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    Switching from SWG to Chlorine ready to start up!

    I’m curious why the switch to straight chlorine? Plenty of people go from chlorine to SWCG but I don’t know that I’ve encountered anyone doing the opposite except for when their cell or control bites the dust. If you’ve already invested in a SWCG and it works, it makes little fiscal sense to...
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    Liquid chlorine prices up?

    They typically print it somewhere on the “neck” or tapered part of the bottle. Sometimes it can be quite worn so you may have to look closely.
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    PoolMath - Logs Don't Show Eastern Standard Time

    I came here to post about this same issue and found this thread. What’s the IDE and language the app is built with?
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    Motor cleanup

    I’ve never cleaned the armature but I had an old pump that had some corrosion and surface rust on the shaft, and I happened to have some extra fine emery cloth on had the metal looking good as new and it remained that way for the rest of the motor’s service life.
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    PSA : Check your Reagent Expire Dates

    That’s a nifty little resource, thanks! “Note: R-0718 will stain skin.” Boy does it ever!
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    PSA : Check your Reagent Expire Dates

    If anything it would be the CYA reagent. It’s the most stable of all of them.
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    Keeping adding chlorine according to Pool Math but can't reach SLAM level

    Sometimes if I've been bad about adhering to my cleaning schedule and there's a bunch of debris on the bottom (usually in the late fall or early spring), my robot will only get about 2/3 of the bottom clean and just will not pick up anything else. Unless we're talking very fine debris and...
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    Keeping adding chlorine according to Pool Math but can't reach SLAM level

    FYI, I’ve run our Tiger Shark several times with FC north of 25 ppm without any worries. It’s really not a high enough concentration for that short of exposure time to have any negative effect on the polymers and metals in the robot (think about all the plastics and metals in your pool’s...
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    Pool Pole Time

    Have heard nothing but good things about the Protuff. I plan on buying one this summer as my traditional friction-lock aluminum pole is quickly reaching the end of its life. I’ve only read one account of someone needing to use the lifetime replacement warranty and it was apparently a quick and...
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    Cloudy water, help!

    Yes, both Home Depots near me got 720 cases each of the 3x HDX pool bleach about a week ago. I can’t imagine we’re the only ones deemed worthy by the powers that be ;). They also had a good bit of stock left over from a March shipment. Walmart has a good bit but I’ve found they don’t segregate...
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    Hayward Goldline Aqua Rite not generating.

    Ok, I have no doubt you’ve got salt in the pool. FYI though, those salt strips can be all over the place. I really like the Taylor K-1766 test kit.
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    Keeping adding chlorine according to Pool Math but can't reach SLAM level

    How confident are you in the pool volume you’ve entered into the app?
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    Hayward Goldline Aqua Rite not generating.

    Oh also, you may not have seen my question about your salinity levels and whether you added salt yet. Have you manually tested your salinity, and have you added any salt this year?