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    Wondering how to save money when I replace my liner

    LOL, no subtle clues there.
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    How to level a pool that has settled over the years

    Has anyone ever had to deal with a pool that has settled and no longer level? When I purchased my house a couple years ago, the pool was already unlevel and the owners said it had been that way for 10+ years now and hadn't settled anymore. However, I have noticed that this settling has caused...
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    What is under my vinyl liner?

    Thank you. That helps a lot. I guess I will wait to see what I have when I pull up the liner. I have learned in another thread that it probably isn't in my best interests to replace the liner myself, but do you think I could do the pool base repairs fairly easily?
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    Wondering how to save money when I replace my liner

    Wow, thank you for the great information. It sounds like it is well worth the money to hire it out. Can I ask a few follow up questions? First, how did you know when it was time to replace your liner? I see yours was about as faded as mine is now. Secondly, how long did your liner last and what...
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    Wondering how to save money when I replace my liner

    I think my liner is close to needing replaced. It is 10-12 years old and it is completely white in several places now. It started off a pretty dark blue from what I can tell above the water line. I have only owned the house for a couple of years so I am still new to this. I can also see that it...
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    What is under my vinyl liner?

    I purchased a house with a pool a couple years ago. When I purchased it, I noticed grooves in the bottom of the pool. They look like erosion trenches. I have attached a picture to show you what I mean. I think one or two more have appeared over the last couple of years. The bottom of my pool...
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    August and pool is losing water again

    I just posted my own thread with a very similar issue here: Finding a strange leak ajw22 was kind enough to direct me here. I am in Mid-Missouri having the exact same issue. Yes, it is cooler at night right now, but I also lose water just as consistently during the day. A bucket test shows I am...
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    Finding a strange leak

    This is my first post at TFP, but I have been lurking and reading for over a year. The information posted here and the helpfulness of the people who post it have been a tremendous resource for me. I purchased a home over a year ago in May of 2017 that has an in-ground vinyl liner pool. I don't...