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    Replacing salt system.

    Chris: How recently did you install the RJ-30+? I am considering that unit for my pool and can't explain why but I just keep coming back to the Circupool RJ+ no matter how far I search or what specs I read. (Dad drove Ford but I prefer Chevy - I think the same part of the brain is working...
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    Help Choosing SWG

    Not exploding is a good thing. I did have a starter capacitor go out a little over a year ago, freeze switch worked, pump timer worked, pump did not work and I had to have some plumbing fixed because of it. They are currently running the sale you mentioned. Upgrade to next larger size for...
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    Help Choosing SWG

    Thanks for the info. So I need to go 3X my pool not 2X? Should I consider the SJ-55 or is that too much? At the end of the day, is a flow switch important or just a nice to have, or only relevant if you have automation?
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    Help Choosing SWG

    Every year I say this is the year I convert to salt - this time I really mean it. LOL I looked here for feedback, opinions, etc. on what I should consider (i.e. what is best) and the general consensus seems to be all the major players are good / best in their own way. With that in mind, I...
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    Green pool despite chemicals

    There is a calculator and it is handy . . . but the simple solution that will make you sleep well at night is this. Buy the TF100 test kit with the SpeedStir (it is in the options - you will be glad you did). While you are waiting for it to arrive, buy bleach, lots of bleach (be sure to check...
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    New pool owner!

    NEVER use the blue Chlorox tabs or the shock that is sold right beside it. That is just my opinion but I can tell you from experience, I did that one year. I thought this is "Chlorox", it must be good. My water was green, cloudy, murky, anything but clear. So, I added more and the problems...
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    Chlorine Bleach in Dallas Area

    Home Depot at Custer and Parker has 10% for $3.30 with lot 18115. (April 12??) But they do store outside and had a pallet with dated 17xxx so a little care is necessary. It is sold in a box of 3 not individual gal. and military ID will get you 10% off the price.
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    Is this a general rule?

    I think in a round-about way, this answered my question but for my own education: I am planning to install a SWG this year. I am in Plano (suburb of Dallas) and the pool water is up to 68 as of this morning. I am trying to decide if it is a good time of the year to install and if I put it...
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    Sta-Rite Manifold Leaking

    More help/advice please. I removed the manifold, and I specifically removed the lower bolts first to check. No water came out. I continued and removed the entire manifold and the crack was very visible, more important - I hope - the inside of the heater was dry. Maybe some moisture in the...
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    Sta-Rite Manifold Leaking

    Boris: Do you drain the pool? Can't say I have ever been to the Pacific NW but I suspect you get cold winters. If you can get by with draining the equipment but not the pool then I know I can. Now that said, if you drain the pool, I need someone from Texas to chime in and tell me if we have...
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    Sta-Rite Manifold Leaking

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. PS0303, I will get out there this afternoon and find that plug. I can always hope I got lucky. - - - Updated - - - James, It looks like the water is coming from the bottom bolt now. Even without loosening it. If there is water in the bottom of the...
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    Sta-Rite Manifold Leaking

    We don't get much freezing weather here in North Texas so we leave out pools filled year around. A freeze switch kicks the pump if temps hit freezing and generally, moving water is more than adequate to protect our equipment. Last week or two, we hit freezing several days - no biggie, I assumed...
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    Low TA & High PH that keeps rising no matter what

    I think I screwed up and I need help. First, converted to BBB method this year and I have been very happy, so maybe this is more a problem in my head: Second test results via a TF-100 kit and results from pool store (theirs are in parenthesis) FC = 2.0 (2.0) CC = 0.0 (0.0) PH = 8.2 (8.0)...
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    pH drifting up

    Thanks. I have always tried to keep Ph in the 7.5 area, it drifts up, I would lower, it would drift up. Last night I was not really planning on putting that much acid in the pool, I just started pouring without thinking about how much I would put in, but I did plan to add some Borax anyway, so...
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    Chlorine Test Results

    I was not sure it the reference would be lost, glad to know at least one other member got it. My wife is younger than me and had no clue. I am clueless, but figured going on-line to buy a Kelly LaBrock poster may cross some line, but I should probably find the movie. - - - Updated - - -...