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    DE or new Cartridge Filter

    Hi All, I purchased a house that has pool, 20,500 in-ground. Old house had a 24' round above ground. My old pool used a Hayward Pre-Flex DE filer. Loved it, I replaced a Hayward Cartridge filter in 2012 and never looked back. New pool has a Jandy 460 cartridge filter. The cartridges 1) look...
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    Hole on my pool, and rust. Fixable ?

    It's going to be worse from the inside. Pull back the liner, scrape aware any rust and than post pictures. Even though you are replacing it next year you don't want to risk a blow out.
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    Hole in AGP Steel Wall

    Have a 54 inch - 24ft round above ground pool (Artesian Seville) that has developed a hole in the wall - hum not good. It's a large circle with a 10 inch diameter. It is located near the top of the wall (like where a skimmer would be). So 1/2 the hole is under water line and 1/2 above water...