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    Water Loss/Leak. Need Equipment Pad help!

    You have a fair point, I dont think we will have any issues with the actual labor but I guess I am just wondering if all the bends the current path takes is necessary or not. Would be less to fix down the road if not!
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    Water Loss/Leak. Need Equipment Pad help!

    So we are going to get this project done finally. When it rains it pours- more joints are showing leaks now so unless the area is perfect I want to replace as many sections as I can. I did want to ask about how the pipes would work on the Chlorinator side. Can we just install a long pipe with...
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    Water Loss/Leak. Need Equipment Pad help!

    Just to clarify which of the 3 leaks can I try that epoxy fix at? It sounded like you were saying I can do it with the joint that is attached to the pump on the pressure side but since you mentioned to replumb as well I wanted to be sure. It would be nice to patch up the leaks and then leave the...
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    Water Loss/Leak. Need Equipment Pad help!

    Happy new year TFP! I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can jump into my resurfaced pool! I have to still run the pump more than usual since its still curing (It was done on 12/5 and they did an additional acid wash on 12/28) but I want to at least have it all planned out to get it...
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    Brown Stain/Spot Identification

    Yeah I certainly hope its okay to patch it for now. I have handled the majority of the black algae on my walls but with the plaster being so rough in those areas I don't think I can realistically eradicate it without an acid bath which for obvious reasons I want to avoid. Luckily my inlaws...
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    testing tag function

    Oh ok cool thanks kimkats! I saw someone tag someone else to help with an issue and I wanted to make sure it actually worked that way before I ever used it.
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    testing tag function

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    Brown Stain/Spot Identification

    I have vacation next week so I will have some time for some free estimates. This is my first house so we have lots of expenses (just repiped the house today). I assume all replastering services are for the entire pool? Is patching these spots fine if I just want to keep water from getting to the...