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    Is this pump adequate for solar?

    In the process to return a pool that has been neglected into working conditions, I want to add a solar heating system and perform a number of enhancements. For good or for worse, the way it was made, plumbing is very accessible. Note: there are no water features, no spa, no waterfalls etc. Long...
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    Solar Retrofit

    Thank you so much!
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    Solar Retrofit

    If I understand what you are saying, a solar heater is typically made with materials that are high-chlorine concentration resistant, unlike a gas heater that has exposed metal. Because of this reason, it's not strictly necessary to have the SWCG before the solar heater?
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    Solar Retrofit

    Hello, I am thinking to add solar heaters to our pool. The equipment pad and the wall where the pipes would raise are not too distant but also not adjacent, and I want to plan it carefully. My first question is: I have a SWG right after the filter. Can the SWG stay "before" the solar heaters or...